Everyone wants to be in great shape and good figure throughout their life. No one wants to have a wrinkle or disease affecting them during their life. Though we are not immortal and our life is limited. We are going to age sooner or later but we can do some tricks to slow down the ageing. Did you find this interesting? Then read the below points and try to add these in your daily life to stay young and energetic throughout your life.

When we are in mid twenties the things we do to our bodies determine how your body will look when we age. If we take good care of our body this time then there will be good consequences on our body. Our body is just like machine which suffers natural wear and tear as we age. It requires proper maintenance as and when we get old.

So let’s see things we can do to slow down ageing and look younger: –
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1)Make a time table of your eating habits. Don’t try to skip any meals. Also don’t over eat and maintain disciple while eating. Follow these tips of eating which you might have already heard of: – an old saying “Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper.” Make the first meal of your day your heaviest and only eat three meals a day. Add to it a proper time table.

Learn New Things
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2)Try to learn new things which will make your brain active like add new hobbies, learn new languages… read new books, watch movies. Studies have showed people who feel younger than their actual age also may have their brain that age slowly. When you read new thing the neurons in brain boost our brains to stay younger.

Fruit and vegetable
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3)Try to have loads of fruits and vegetables as they are loaded with lots of nutrients like protein, vitamin. It slows down our ageing process and improves overall health. What kind of fruits and vegetables you eat will help you ward off disease, promote mental sharpness, keep your skin healthy. So make sure your eating the food that is rich in antioxidant, electrolytes and amino acid. You can go for avocado, grapefruit, blue berries, cranberries, oranges.

Green Tea
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4)Try to include Green tea as it contains anti oxidants that fight inflammation and improves skin elasticity and reduce stress. Green teas will slim you down, make you live longer. It helps in slowing down the ageing of cells. Your skin will look younger and brighter. There will battle wrinkle development. Green tea destroys the free radicals in your skin and makes you look youthful.

Staying Positive
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5)Try to stay positive as much as possible. Also surround yourself with these kinds of people. Don’t let negativity come near you. Stay with your loved one who will love to hang around with you. The people who have healthy relationship and who have long lasting friends age slowly. Making your brain think you’re young which will have a deep impact on your body. Change your thoughts and view point.

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6)Dancing is an great physical activity which can be done with fun. Dance with your closed one or in group.  Dancing makes your skin glow and makes you healthy. There is no age to start dancing. Dancing has surprising anti ageing brain benefits as per the latest studies. You can look at look to 93-year-old Dick Van Dyke vigorously tap dancing atop a desk or Hema malini even at this age she looks glamorous. Hence start wearing your dancing boots, who’s stopping you.

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7)Exercise is an must if you want to stay healthy and evergreen. Instead of spending money on anti ageing cream or lotion you can invest the energy and time on exercise. You do an amazing thing to your body when you start exercising. When you exercise you breathe hard and this provides oxygen to every part of the body. Your tissue gets healthier and better by exercising. You can also do activity like cycling, swimming, brisk walking, jogging which will be good for body and brain. Exercise will make you healthy, fit and will make you feel younger than your age.

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8)Good sleep gives your immune system a power to fight back some common disease. Good sleep can make you slim and make you young. Sleep for at least 8-9 hours at night. When we sleep our body reproduce the skin cells which makes us look fresh and make younger. Sleeping makes us mentally and physically healthy. If you have less sleep than you will probably start looking more mature than your age. Hence sleep is very important and makes it an habit to sleep early and rise early.

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9)Make new friends and try to socialize as much as possible. Laugh with them, try to attend parties, get together. Several studies has been done and it is seen those why are more social fall less sick and they look healthy and young then those who don’t. Staying connected with friends will make you young at heart and boost your emotional and physical health too. As you grow old more we should socialize more but in reality things goes opposite.

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10)Stress is the most important factor which can make you look older. It changes your hormones. Try to control the stress since you cannot avoid it. Stress is known to accelerate your ageing process. Stress has greater impact on face and body. Do yoga or meditation. Do the activity which you like the most. Go to peaceful place or just enjoy the scenery. Spend quality time with your family and laugh often.

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