Electric bill is soaring high nowadays and everybody needs a solution for this monthly expense which is burning their pocket and which is affecting every class whether they are rich, poor or middle class. This is a global issue which needs some alternative or solutions. Nowadays most of the things are done online or people have started using digital way.

Most of the people use computers, Television, Wi-Fi, charging units, AC, fridge and geyser. These things add up in our bills in form of units used. The units are calculated on the consumption of all these and monthly bill are calculated. Each service provider provides a chart of how they charge each customer. The same can be found behind bill or in their respective web site.

How to reduce Electric Bill

Understanding your bill, traffic structure is very important to know how to use your consumption wisely. Your current meter reading is calculated on current reading minus your last month reading. This will be your current month units consumed and the same will be calculated on your slab based tariff structure and your total bill will be generated.

What is kilowatt in your electricity bills? 

How to reduce electric bill

The price of 1 unit differs from country to country. But the most acceptable form is kilowatts per hour consumed. There is meters installed in each apartment which calculate it by each seconds. And the same is normalized in hours (kWh). A unit is represented in kWH or kilowatt hours. These are your actual energy or electricity used. For example 1kW is the amount of energy used by a 1kW (1000 watt) electric heater for 1 hour.

Tips to reduce your electric bill

How to reduce Electric Bill

Since the electric cost has hit the roof like our other expense. It time to think deep and apply some simple and smart ways to save electricity. By taking these small steps you can bring down your electric bills and save electricity too.

-Upgrade your devices which consume less energy like energy efficient bulbs instead of yellow bulbs

-Turn off the switch when not required like television, computers, radios, lights. For example when we have finished watching Television we tend to switch it off only by remote but the main switch where the television is connected is still on.

-Remove plug from socket as they draw energy when they are plugged in

-Set laptop or desktop on sleep mode when you are not using it

-Cleaning your air conditioners from dust and dirt every year

-Clean your tube light and lamp on regular basis

-If possible try to use ceiling fan instead of air conditioner

-Defrost the freezer compartment on regular basis

-Install energy efficient windows

-Open windows for natural light

-Unplug gadgets from socket if you are not using it

-If possible give away the old TV, fridge or air conditioner as they consume lots of electricity and try to buy new one

-Check air leaks because this will help in reducing the air passing outside and will help in reduced time in heating and cooling

-More important change your day to day behavior

Since energy is an important resource and today we can see many of our resources are diminishing at very fast rate. Water which is very important is going very low day by day. So the generation of electric by hydroelectricity will also start diminishing.

Solution (which can be): -We could use our natural resource the SUN which provides us the natural energy and which can be converted to SOLAR ENERGY.

What is solar energy?

How to reduce electric bill

Solar energy is heat and light which comes from Sun. It is most abundant source of energy which nature is providing us. Out of 365 days in India we receive sun shine for almost more than 250 days. Then why waste it and not use it to bind solar energy. Though solar energy is expensive but when compared to how much we pay in long run for our electric bill it will be less. Solar energy captures the sunlight to create photovoltaic power (PV) or concentrated solar power (CSP) for solar heating. This conversion helps in lighting other tools like lights, heater or gadgets.

Where it can be installed?

How to reduce Electric Bill

You can install in your roof top or if you have balcony. You need to check in which part you get most of the sunlight and for most part of the day. Normally it is installed on north/south facing as it is said to gain maximum amount of electricity. It should be tilted or inclined to 10 to 30 degree. To get more benefits out of it the roof top are mostly used to harness the solar energy. But also be sure to check if the roof can bear the load of solar panels. Hence let the professional evaluate the roof if any additional support is required or not.

Things needed to install the solar panel

How to reduce electric Bill
  • Solar panel
  • Charge controller
  • Battery
  • UPS/Inverter
  • Solar panel stand
  • Solar panel installation accessories

Cost involved in Solar panel

How to reduce Electric Bill

Since this is the deciding factor many back out when they learn the huge figure of installation. You need to get quotation from several vendor and due diligence before selecting any vendors as the cost involved will be high. In fact after 2011 the price of the solar panel has been dropped consistently. Check the solar panel which is best suited as per your requirement instead of opting for popular one. As per current standard the approx cost of solar panel installation is Rs. 7 per watt. Hence it can be best described as

SizeCost per watt (In Rs.)
1kW₹ 7,000
2kW₹ 14,000

Service and maintenance

How to Reduce Electric Bill

There is no maintenance required for solar panel as they don’t have any moving part. Also the life of solar panel is 25 years. But you need to wash the panel with cloth every 15-20 days. Ask for warranty and check warranty certificate so if any malfunction happens or if there is any issue in solar panels they will be able to sort it out. Purchase from reputed supplier as they will provide you quick service without any hassles. Other warranty can be like solar panel, installation and inverter warranty.

Benefits of Solar Energy

How to reduce Electric Bill

It helps in reducing carbon emission in environmental benefits along with saving electricity. The initial cost to setup is high but once installed their life span is 25 years. Installation cost can be recovered within 5 years and after that the benefits like cost effectiveness and environment friendly will serve another 20 years without any issue. The only problem area is to need to create awareness as to understand the benefits of burning coal, gas and oil to create electricity generation.

Current Solar Provider in India

  • Adani Solar
  • Tata power solar
  • Luminnous
  • Vikram solar


How to Reduce Electric Bill

Solar consumers are getting zero power bills. Zero power bills means they have to pay basic charge or meter cost to electric distributor. Those who have invested in roof–top solar power have to pay only nominal charges. Solar power consumption through roof top solar panels provides consumer with free source of renewable energy and that too with no pollution, no carbon emission.

Electricity is predominately used by all humans. Today if we imagine the world without the electricity than we will be scared, because today one can’t work without the electricity as they play a very prominent role. So from today only we have to look that there should be less usage of the electricity if not the then coming generation would not enjoy the power of the electricity.

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