Every parent’s (Mother or Father) desire their children to appear tall and few parents are desperate to make their kids tall. Height increases up to a particular age and then you can observe that it comes to halt. Hence many parents are concerned about their children’s height. You’ll find several factors that play a primary role in overall growth of a child. Given that kid’s body demands proper nourishment you need to provide them with proper nutrition and guide them with proper exercises in order to boost their metabolism. Still tensed then no worries, read through this article till very end and you will learn how to make your kid taller.

Kids height

It can be stated that the ideal time/age for your kids height to grow is around 22 for boys and 18 for girls. However, it is not necessary as one can increase their height even after this age. You need to study your body pattern and your posture and the way you sit or stand. See to it that you don’t slouch, have proper posture, have proper diet, do exercise which can contribute to you height growth. Don’t ever go to the advertisement gimmick which gives you 100% guarantee that your kid’s height will grow as such can be dangerous to their body.

Height Increase

But to look it in another angle is it a big deal that one must have a good height. See to it that you make your kids confident and make them positive to achieve their goals in life instead of complaining on their height stature. Don’t look at height as a single factor for appearance as the most important is person’s character. So having said this lets move ahead and check which and what kind of exercise’s can be done by our small kids to make them taller before they touch their puberty age.

So let’s get start with the below simple exercises to make your kids taller:-

Simple stretching exercises to make your kids taller:-

1) Yoga and stretching goes hand in hand. Yoga is one of the best and first things which must be taught to kids at very early age. Stretching by yoga should be done naturally and till your body can handle it. You shouldn’t think yourself as rubber band that once it is pulled you will stretch instantly. Go slow and practice regularly and you will see the gradual change. Below are few stretching poses one can pursue:-

Few yoga poses which one must make their kids do everyday

a) Paschimottanasana (Sitting and forward bend pose)

This exercise will stretch your spine and you can literally feel it while doing this exercise. It will put pressure on your spine, legs and pelvic muscle completely. It will tone your abdomen and thighs too.

Forward Bend Pose

Method: Make your kid sit down on the floor with your legs stretched out and your spine straight. Your kid’s toes should point forward. Now make them bend and tell them to try and touch their toes. See to it that they don’t bend their knees or back. Also don’t make them lift their leg from the ground. Let them keep this pose for 10-15 seconds or as per their capacity. Initially they won’t be able to do it but gradually they will as kids are more flexible then us.

b) Uttanasana (Standing and forward bend pose)

This exercise will stretch their spine and leg muscles. It will put pressure on their back and pelvic muscles. It also opens up the joints and will allow them to grow more. It put pressure on stomach too. It is the same stretching exercise as shown above but we have to do it by standing.

Forward bend pose

Method:- Make your kid stand straight along with their legs and their legs should be joined. Now make them touch their toes but without bending their back or legs. Make them stay in this position for 5-10 seconds. See to it that knees are not bent. Then make them stand up and tell them to repeat this exercise again. Once you try to touch your toes then as days goes by tell them to try and touch the floor with their palm.

c) Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Yoga is one of the best for stretching and one of the most popular forms. This pose is no different when it is compared to stretching. It makes your spine flexible and helps it in growing. Not only has it helped in stretching your spine but also your lungs, chest and shoulders. It helps in digestion too.

Cobra pose

Method:- Make your kids lie down on the floor with your face facing downwards. Toes and legs should be joined. Raise your upper part of body and while doing this exhale as much as you can. With the help of shoulders you can raise your head. Don’t raise your leg or your knees and stay in this position as much as you can. Hold this position as much as you can. Come back in your original position and do this repetition.

d) Trikonasana(Triangle pose)

Another wonderful yoga pose which will help in increasing the kids height by making their spine flexible. This pose will put pressure on calves, spine and hips. It will help in making their spine flexible and helping in increasing their height. It will naturally strengthen your kid’s hip, calves, groin.

Triangle pose

Method:- Make your kid stand straight with their feet apart. Make your feet apart by approx 3-4 feet. Turn your right foot out 90 degrees and left foot 15 degrees. Breathe out and bend your body to the right from your hips, raise your left hand straight up in the air and touch your right hand to your right ankle. Keep both arms straight and in one line. Be steady in this position for 30 seconds and repeat it on the other side. Repeat it on both sides 2 times.

e) Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

This pose should be made compulsory to all the kids as this pose helps in lengthening of spine. It puts pressure on legs too. Tadasana strengthen the legs and abdomen and is also known as foundation of all standing yoga.

Mountain Pose
Mountain Pose

Method:- Make your kid stand straight with legs apart. Now raise their hands and keep it straight or let the kids interlock their fingers of both their hands. Slowly lift ankles and turn your locked arm upwards. They will feel a stretch starting from their ankles to calves to the spine and up to their head. Let them be in this position for 1-2 minutes initially. And try to repeat this 3-4 times a day. For best results kids should practice this early in morning.


2) Swimming:- One of the most important exercise as kids use their legs, hands and arm which means all the body are in full use. Swimming is one of the best cardio workouts for seniors too. They can also give company to kids. When you are swimming the water pulls our body against gravity and our body will try to push ahead that will create pressure on spine. Hence you will find swimmers are naturally taller though there is no concrete evidence or studies for these findings. See to it that you take help from expert or qualified coach if you are new to swimming. Also kid’s loves to play in water so why not make it fun for them along with exercise.

Hanging Bar

3)Hanging:- Hanging with help of hand and supporting full body will stretch your body muscle. Hanging makes stretch the spine thereby increasing the height by 1-2 inches. But along with hanging your kids need to do also pull ups as this will help in increasing your kid’s height. The hanging bar should be at higher place. When your kids are doing this exercise do make sure you are standing below them as they will put full body support on their hands and once they get tired they will let it go and might fall hard. So if you are standing beside them then you can hold them or support them if necessary. Kids can stay on the hanging bar for initially 30 seconds and increase their time gradually.


4)Skipping: If your kids get lazy or find it boring to do the above exercise then show them fun of skipping and jumping. While skipping the spine is erect and it put pressure on back muscle. The knees when bended cause the calves to expand more. The jumping causes the increase in blood supply. When we are jumping we pull our body up and these cause the spine to expand too.


5)Cycling:- When the kids are at young age you must make them do cycling as they are one of the excellent workout which can be done physically. And yes they are Eco friendly too. And kids love to ride bicycles. Also teenage is the best time to attain the wanted height. Once kids are comfortable with their cycle you can adjust the seat to higher level so they will stretch their legs to reach the pedals. And within few months their legs will grow making them taller.


6)Sleep:- Though not part of exercise but this is one of the most important part of our daily life. Studies shows that during sleep the disc manages to come in its full size and recover. It means during sleep we return to our full height. Hence let the kids sleep for more than 9-10 hours. The growth hormones will effect if we don’t get full amount of sleep. Not only does growth hormones get effected but also kids with less amount of sleep have less attention to class, less memory and less physical health.

Having a good workout or an exercise is important and good for kids. But at the same time if proper diet is given along with exercises than it will give right direction to body to grow. As body and health goes hand in hand and body which get proper nutrition grow better and at faster rate. Hence see to it that your kids are getting a proper dosage of nutrition to make them grow taller.

Food to eat

So if you ask how to increase children’s height by food then below are few food items which can be included in your kid’s daily diet:-


 1)Carrots:- Carrots are very good source of Vitamin A which is essential for our bones and it will help you grow taller quickly. Let your kid have raw carrots or you can prepare carrot juice and consume it early morning.


2)Eggs:- Eggs are important source of protein and contains special amino acid that your body needs for growth. There are many ways where you can make a tasty recipe of eggs so kids would love it. Eggs are good for height growth and also for weight too. They provide vital nutrient for growing body.


3)Soybean:- This is an healthiest option available for vegetarian people as they cannot have chicken and eggs and they are alternative source of protein. This nutritious food helps in your child health as well as body. It is rich in protein, folate, vitamins and fibre. The Soybean helps in increasing the bone mass and density which is necessary for increasing the height of kids.

Dairy Product

4)Dairy product:- Dairy products like cheese, paneer and yogurt is a essential for growth as they have all the necessary nutrients like calcium and vitamins. As per studies it is seen that children’s who consume dairy products are taller than those who don’t have it. It is found that dairy protein have good link to height growth. Children can include 1-2 glass of milk every day.


5)Banana:-This fruit is loaded with calcium, magnesium and potassium and it is one of the most easily available fruit in market. Banana is available in all season of the year. But since it is associated with ‘increase in weight’ factor this fruit is often ignored. The magnesium which is present in the banana helps in improving the bone health. Having 1-2 bananas is recommended to children’s.


6)Fish:-Fish are delicious and many different type of recipes are found around the world. Fishes like tuna, sardine, salmon are great source of protein and vitamin d. Children should have these fishes as they promote health as well as height growth. Vitamin D which is present in fish helps in absorbing calcium from other foods which are necessary for body growth.

Leafy Vegetables

7)Green Vegetables:- Green vegetables are loaded with essential minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and fibers which are required for children’s body to grow properly. These will push our growth hormones in our body and which will help in increase of height in kids.


7)Ashwagandha:-This is not an food but an Ayurvedic herb which is known for various benefits. It is also called as king of Ayurvedic herbs. It helps in broadening of bone structure. And also helps in increasing the bone density which will result in growth in height. It also helps in calming and focusing effects for students and helps calm the mind for good sleep. Before sleeping at night take one or half tablespoon of Ashwagandha powder and mix it with warm milk and give it kids. If children don’t like it then you can add 1 spoon of honey or some jaggery to it.

Let Kids play out in open

Along with the above diet you should let the children play out in open as exposure of sunlight is very vital for kids. Sunlight means natural source of Vitamin D which is an excellent way of getting the Vitamin D by natural means.

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