Migraine symptoms are result of changes happening in brain. Migraine headache is that pain which can be severe at a time. The feeling is like hammering on your head.  It can last for hours or in some case many days. Migraine can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and also there will be disturbance in your vision.

Is it true that migraine are more common in female than to male

Migraine can get anyone regardless of male or female but it is said that it effect predominantly on women than men. Most women between age 20 and 45 can vouch on it. Stress, anxiety, shock, shift work, low blood pressure and diet can be result of trigger for Migraine. If it’s a working woman then forget the pain of migraine she has to handle the office, home and bear the pain too. But the fact is out of 5 more than 1 women have migraine headache on regular basis.

Women With Migrane

Migraine is said to common before puberty. But the equation changes for girl’s once their menstruation starts then it is found commonly in girls mainly due to hormones. Since hormones goes up and down or fluctuates the chances of migraine increase noticeably. Normally migraine affect young women and get better with age, they are most widespread during a time when women are expected to be most productive at home or work.


The main cause of this is because of Estrogens. As after period or ovulation and just after delivery the levels drops sharply which can be the problem? Symptoms like insomnia, depression and irritability start during this hormonal changes of perimenopause when the periods are irregular. Changes in brain chemicals may cause blood vessels to swell putting pressure to nearby nerves which causes migraine. During menopause also the depression rates increases and women are more likely to found depressed and they are more likely to report headache.

Researcher have found that migraine effect women more than they do to men as they interfere with professional development, social and family life too. As anybody who has suffered from migraine will tell how their daily life has been effected and how this lead to lower confidence and a feeling of losing control.


Few tips to defy migraine

Depending on over the counter medicine for relieving the pain is which everyone try for. But you can also try the below few methods.

1) Drink plenty of fluids or electrolyte beverage as our body will remain hydrated. As dehydration is a common cause of headache. See to it that electrolyte beverage is without any artificial colors or sweeteners.

2) Apply hot or cold pack to the back of your head or on forehead which will ease your pain and tension and will let you relax too.

3)Practice yoga and pranayama (breathing technique) as this will help them in curing headache naturally.


4)Massage gently around your neck and shoulder which will help you get relieved from migraine pain and tension. You can use some herbal oil too.

5)Inhaling an Lavender essential oil can help to ease the symptoms of migraine.

6)you can take help of experienced acupuncturist to treat your migraine as it is effective against certain headache.

But if there is severe attack of migraine then consult the experts, doctors and seek immediate medication.

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