Dark circle makes one look old and we start losing our beauty. Dark circle are one of the biggest beauty problem on women’s/men’s face. We start looking tired and deprived from our beauty. Dark circle under the eyes appear as we age or some people think it appears as we don’t get adequate sleep. One might think that watching your favorite show in Netflix late night might has caused this as you didn’t sleep. But this is not the only causes there can be many. For some this might be inherited.  

11 way to eliminate dark circle

Understanding Dark Circle

What are dark circle why we get it might be question which many people have in their mind. Dark circle or puffy eyes are very common when we get old. This happens because of less oxygen which carries to that part. Blood vessels around that area become weak due loss of collagen which makes our skin thinner. Wrinkles, dark circle or darkening of skin start appearing on skin as they become more and more visible.

Causes of Dark circles

Causes of Dark circles

-Senior people are more likely to have dark circle because as we age the area around our eyes start losing collagen making the skin around our eyes getting thinner.

-Allergies reaction can also be the reason as it might cause you rubbing or scratching around your eyes

-Excessive use of gadgets like television, mobiles, computer, tablet can cause pressure on  your eyes and cause dark circle

-When we drink less water or stay dehydrated for long time our body start losing water which can make our skin look dull

-When there is too much exposure of sun as it happens to people who often are in marketing field which can increase pigmentation around our eyes

-Too much salt intake



-Pitiable skin elasticity

Home remedies for removing puffy eyes or dark circle

The Mother Nature has provided all the necessary ingredients which we can apply as home remedies to remove our puffy eyes or dark circles around our eyes. And the good news is that all the ingredients are lying in our house. Let’s have a look at the natural home remedies for treating the dark circles around our eyes.

1) Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste

Take 2 ripe tomatoes cut it into small pieces. Then make a paste in mixer you can add one table spoon of lemon juice, a small pinch of besan or gram flour. Also you can add turmeric powder to it. Apply this paste gently below your eyes and let it stay for 20-25 minutes. Then clean the area with normal water. You can make this paste twice a week. This will bleach your skin and lighten this part. Another trick is if you don’t have time then you can make tomato juice and add lemon juice and salt for taste. See to it that you have the juice right after you prepare it.

2) Cucumber slice

Cucumber slice

Cucumber is one of the best remedy for eyes since ages and this remedy has been used over and over a period of time. Since cucumber has high content of water it helps in reducing the swelling under the eyes. Cut the cucumber in slice and keep the same in fridge. After some time lie down and keep the slice on your eyes and let it be there for full 15-20 minutes. Wash your face in normal or warm water. Or you can make a cucumber juice and apply the same below your eyes which ill give effective results. The oxidant which is present in cucumber helps in lightens the skin and will cool down the skin.

3) Applying ice

Applying ice

Ice cubes or ice water can help your skin beneath your eyes. It will have soothing effect on the skin. It will increase the blood flow around the eyes. Also it will help in melting the dark circles. It will help in eliminating the dark circles. Take a clean cloth and put some ice cubes and keep this above your eyes. Or mornings when all your daily chores are finished you can take few ice cubes from freezer and apply to the skin. This will improve circulation and decrease puffiness.

4)Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Lemon is known for citric acid present in them. Citric acid which is present in lemon can help in tightening the skin and vitamin c which is present in lemon helps in removing the dark circles. Extract the juice from 2 ripe lemons. Dip cotton balls in the juice and apply it around the eyes. Keep your eyes closed and see to it that lemon juice does not enter your eyes. After 15-20 minutes you can wash your face with plain water. Do this method twice a week. But if your skin is sensitive or it has started showing burning sensation then you can stop doing this method and try any other alternate method.

5)Tea Bags

Tea Bags

This step has been used widely since long time. Tea bags have antioxidant and caffeine which is very helpful in removing the dark circles. It removes the bulge under the eyes by shrinking blood vessels and makes your skin softer. You can prefer any tea bag be it black tea or green tea bags. After utilizing it for 2 times in hot water, keep those tea bags in freezer for about 1 hour and then place them over each eye for 20 minutes. Then you can wash your eyes with cold water. You can do this every day. If you don’t like the cold pack then after using the tea bags wait till it cools down and then apply it directly on the eyes. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and wash your face.

6)Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is available in each and every household. Coconut oil has an moisturizing quality which smooths the skin and avoid wrinkle under the eyes. It is simple and effective remedy which will help you in clearing the dark circles. At night take virgin coconut oil in palm and massage the area under your eyes and leave it whole night. Next morning wash it off with normal water. In fact you can use any other oil too like clove oil, almond oil, lavender oil, apricot oil or jojoba oil. The procedure remains the same.



Since honey contains antioxidants which protects the skin and helps in removing the dark circles. It is natural bleach provided by Mother Nature as it comes with anti inflammatory properties. Massage little amount of honey around the eyes where dark circle are there or you can keep it overnight. Keep it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with plain water. It will make the skin light.



Take a raw potato and cut it into slices and put the raw potato slice on your eyes to remove dark circle. Or another method is to make potato extract juice the soak a cotton ball and apply the same under your eyes. Try to take rest and let the extract cover full eyes. Leave it for full 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with plain water. Potato has natural bleaching agent which helps in reducing the dark circle.



Rosewater can help in removing the dark circle under our eyes. As it is packed with several vitamin it helps in lighten the skin color. You can make a mixture by adding 2 tablespoon of cold milk and add 2 tablespoon of Rose water. Dip cotton ball and apply it gently below the eyes. You can feel the soothing effect it has on the eyes. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and the wash it off.  



Sleep is directly attached to the dark circles found around the eyes. One must have a good sleep every night for at least 8-9 hours to remove the dark circles. Good sleep can remove those dark circles and will get rid of tiredness and will make you feel better. One must follow the good sleeping pattern for healthy mind and body.



Exercise makes you energetic and you will feel light whole day. It will increase the blood circulation in the body and face. Make exercise a daily habit as it will help in removing the dark circle under your eyes. Try to do the exercise in evening as this will make you sleepy at night. This will indirectly help in reducing the dark circle in great extent.

Perfect Eyes

Though dark circles are not a serious problem but it makes one look old, tired and exhausted. Try these simple home remedies and make that unattractive dark circle disappear completely.

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