Everyone wants to look beautiful nowadays. In the current scenario external beauty has become a must for everyone. To add to it they follow movie stars, role models, supermodel which are always trending nowadays. What they do, what they wear, how they look, where they visit. This put pressure to girls who are following the trend and want to equally look beautiful. Their increasing fascination towards external beauty has increased tremendously. Beauty is not about having beautiful eyes, nose, perfect body, glowing skin.

Most girls to look beautiful spend lots of money on fancy and costly products to achieve their dreams. Then to add to it there are lots of beauty salons, make artist and stylist who sell their theory and try to exhort money along with wastage of time. But these tricks do not have long term benefits and eventually they start damaging your skin. Once you start applying these products the skin loses their purity and you will start looking older.

Tips for Natural Beauty
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The best thing is that natural beauty is easy to achieve. Taking care of your body and skin will help you in long way even when you have become old as healthy body will never fade with age.

In this article you will find how to retain your beauty naturally without using any products or any brands. These methods will help your skin to retain its glow for longer years.

Step 1

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Always have a balanced diet which you should include lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet as this will help your skin and make them younger and it will enhance your beauty too. If you don’t have time to slice the fruits then you can have it in juice form also you can make vegetable juice. It also helps in making your skin clear & gorgeous. Look for those foods which are good in fiber as it will help your body weight but also will in fighting acne. Hence always ensure that your diet contains right amount of proteins and vitamins.

Step 2

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Everyone knows the value of exercising. Exercising is one of the most important factors in life. One should always see that exercise should not be skipped. Without exercise you are bound to increase your weight and will look obese. Exercise tones your muscle beneath your skin and increases your strength and will make your skin healthier. Acne is caused by over production of sebum which clogs your pores. All know being obese will not make you attractive. Hence exercise will make you look trim and attractive. Try to do exercise for at least half hour. It can be like brisk walking, jogging, dancing, yoga or workout.

Step 3

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Water is one of the most essential components for facial cleansing. Once a journalist, asked Aamir Khan, the Bollywood superstar regarding his glowing and sparkling face. He told the reporters that he used to take more and more quantity of water. It keeps him hydrate and free from toxins. It’s the simple secrete of my skin glowing, said the superstar. Water is necessary to keep your skin clean and healthy. It provides vital vitamin and mineral to the skin and also replaces damaged tissue and cell. Washing you face with water will make your skin clean and will keep your skin hydrated.

Step 4

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Sleep is one of the most important factors for everyone. You can see anyone who was awake whole night and you can see their eyes will be swollen and they will appear tired. Without sleep can make you look tired, stressed and affect their performance. Just like our body, skin also requires rest to look fresh all day. See to it that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours at night. Those ugly dark circles will also start to vanish if you have proper sleep. When you sleep try to avoid tight clothing and inner garments as they will hinder the blood circulation in body. PH level goes down and less sleep makes one obese, continuous yawning. To remove dark circles you can dip your finger in coconut oil and massage the area below eyes before sleeping.

Step 5

Avoid late night
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Try to avoid late night TV shows, working on mobile by switching off the lights. It will put pressure on your eyes. And try to switch off the TV/Mobile so it won’t disturb you while you are sleeping. Though it might depend on the profession you might be but you can at least try. As without sleep the fatigue can directly reflect on your face. You will look gloomy; wrinkles will start appearing soon and also the dark spots under eyes start appearing which are hard to go.

Step 6

Rose Water
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Rose water is one of the best treatments for our skin. It is one of the best toners for all type of skins. Spray the liquid on your skin and use it twice a day. It will balance the PH level, sooth and clam your skin and repair the skin elasticity. It is also used when you have excess oil, reduces the redness of irritated skin, to get rid of acne, eczema. It can also be used on healing wounds, scars as it has antibacterial properties.

Step 7

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Cleansing your skin with gentle cleanser is necessary for you. See to it that you do it twice a day. You can use sugar as it exfoliate and cleanse your skin. You can combine the same with oil or water. And apply this mixture on your face in circular motion. Do it gently. Or you can go for yogurt to detoxify and clean your skin. Yogurt contains natural protein, lactic acid and fat. For additional benefit you can add lemon juice to create a great cleanser.

Step 8

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After cleansing you should moisturize your skin with any good moisturizer. Check your skin type and select moisturizer which contains lots of fruits and vegetables as an ingredient. Don’t purchase chemical laden moisturizer. You can go for natural moisturizer like Olive oil, honey, coconut, avocado or almond oil. Though coconut oil is considered as best for all type of skin’s.

Step 9

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Drink warm water early in morning. Consuming warm water will help you by increasing your temperature and remove toxins from your body. It helps in preventing acne. Warm water moisturizes your skin and improves circulation. It will keep you well hydrated and will make your skin look clear and glowing.

Along with the above tips, you can take care of your smile, nails, body odor to make your body a perfect looking and beautiful girls as you already are. Take care and do remember that best tips or remedy are not quick fixes but taking care of your body naturally.

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