Chickoo or Sapota is one of those fruit which is nutritious and has high amount of calories in it. It has 83 calories per 100 grams. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber and the pulp of this fruit has excellent laxative.  It is very sweet and has delicious flavor. It will provide excellent source of energy as it is loaded with fructose and sucrose which is natural boosting energy food. It is loaded with Vitamin A, C, folate, iron potassium and copper.

Sapota has scientific name as Manilkara zapota. It has various names such as Chickoo, Chikoo, sapodilla, nose berry. It grows in various regions across India and world. In India it is grown across Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Sapota is brown in color and has a grainy texture and which has musky flavor. The softness inside the fruit can be scooped out to make smoothies and desserts. Many people favorite drink are Chickoo milkshake.

Nutrient value of Sapota

Top 6 health benefits of Chickoo or Sapota which you should not miss

It has 4% of energy, 15% of Carbohydrates, 1% of protein and total fat of 3.5% and most important 14% of dietary fiber. It also has vitamin like Folates (3.5%), Niacin (1%), Pantothenic acid (5%), Pyridoxine (3%), Riboflavin (1.5%), Thiamin (5%) & Vitamin A (2%).

Health Benefits of Sapota

1)Bones in our body require calcium and sapota is loaded with minerals like calcium, phosphorus, copper and iron which helps in strengthening in bones. When there is less intake of copper in our body then there is increase risk of Osteoporosis. When eaten regularly the minerals present in the sapota will helps us in strengthening our bones and will promote tissue and muscle strength.

2)Sapota is good for eyes as it contain lots of Vitamin A. Vitamin helps us in improving our vision in our old age. It work in anti-ageing and reduces the dark circle which is usually found below our eyes. See to it that this fruit is taken regularly.

3)Chickoo gives us relief from constipation since it has high amount a dietary fiber. This fiber helps in providing relief to constipation by helping in digestion and aiding in proper bowel movement. It supports colon membrane and makes its resistant to infections.

Top 6 health benefits of Chickoo or Sapota which you should not miss

4)Chickoo give us ample amount of magnesium and potassium which is very useful in controlling blood pressure. It helps in keeping up our blood vessels. It helps in lowering the sodium level and promotes circulation of blood and regulates blood sugar.

5)Chickoo is known to give us energy as it contains abundant carbohydrate which is even good for toddlers and women’s too. It is also rich in protein, calcium, iron and other minerals. Hence when you feel to be energized you know which food to eat.

6)Chickoo is known to boost our immunity and prevents various bacteria infection due to presence of vitamin A & C, iron, copper. It also helps in promoting good skin and lowering chronic disease. It helps in protecting our body from virus and bacteria.

There are many more benefits associated with this fruit like it keep cold and cough at bay, the seeds of this fruit can helps us from kidney stone, prevents hair fall and it is beneficial for pregnant women too.

Top 6 health benefits of Chickoo or Sapota which you should not miss

So next time when you see this delicious fruit in market don’t forget to pick it up.

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