There might be many reasons you want to purchase a new laptop but getting a perfect laptop is a very cumbersome and tedious task. Since there are variety of laptops available in the market, people often get confused which model to purchase. In this article we will help you in selecting the best suitable laptop as per their needs.

Buying Laptop

Below are a few things or criteria which you need to consider before purchasing the laptop. These basic things are the must check for your when you are purchasing the new laptop. So let’s see what it is.

Buying Laptop

Top 4 points to consider while purchasing a new laptop

1) RAM

Laptop RAM

RAM stands for random access memory and is considered one of the most important components of the laptop. RAM is also called the brain of the laptop which does most of its work like storing data which can be accessed almost immediately. If you settle for lower RAM then chances is your laptop might get hung up, will show performance issues or slow down. Hence depending upon your usages and application which you will be using daily one can opt for 8GB or higher RAM for your laptop. Nowadays 8 GB are common in laptop and desktop, if you are a high end user like developers or in gaming then you can opt for 24 or 32 GB RAM.

2) Hard Disk

Hard Disk

Hard Disk is a second most important component which one should consider before purchasing the laptop.  Without it you won’t be able to save any files and your operating file will not start or boot up. If you opt for lower storage because of lower price then later on you might face issues with saving the files and will slow down your windows and other programs. Also you might have to delete old files or you might have to always move the files to an external hard drive.

If you are thinking of increasing the storage size this might cost you extra bucks hence while initial purchasing always tries for more storage, the more the storage the better for you.

Nowadays a faster hard disk called SSD’s (Solid State Drive) has replaced the older storage (HDD’s) as they offer higher speed which will help you will boot the laptop or transfer files fast. To attract customers and to keep cost low you will find many laptops with normal hard drives in the market.

3) Processing Unit

Processing unit

Processing Unit is third and important component of your laptop as it controls other parts of laptop. Also known as the heart of the laptop and if not selected properly it might impact your productivity. There are many processors which can be found in the market but most of them are powered by Intel CPU I5, I7, I9 then there are other competitors like AMD’s which are cheaper than Intel. If you’re into a budget laptop then this processor you can opt for. Though cheaper, they draw more power than Intel processors. The more powerful the processor, the quick and faster it will be to load more programs at one go. Hence opt for the best processor as per your need.

4) Graphic Card

Graphic Card

Last and not least the Graphic cards which are responsible to render an image in your monitor and graphic card role is to convert the data into signal in the monitor. The monitor screen is made up of tiny pixels and resolution which means higher the resolution greater will be the display quality of image and video. Without a graphic card there will be no display for windows to show.

In the current market AMD, ATI and Nvidia are market players which are offering a variety of graphics cards as per your requirements. It all depends upon your needs if you are not into graphic or web designing then basic graphic cards will do but if you want to play some 3D or advanced games then higher end graphic cards you must consider.

Buying Laptop

Above points were important but along with that one must also consider monitor size (important), touch screen monitors, battery time, build quality, keyboard features. If you are opting for premium parts it will add up some extra amount to your total bill. Then there is also variance in brands like DELL, HP, Lenovo as per configuration to which it has been built.

Hopefully I have explained to you in an easier way how to purchase your most wanted laptop as per your needs.

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