In this today’s topic which is healthy mind is entirely different from rest of your body, yes you are right-the Brain. Maintaining your healthy mind helps in improving your efficiency, your rapport, healthier body and life.

Tips for Healthy Mind

Almost everyone is more focused on their body, looks, the way they speak, dress and search for same article or watch their videos too. But what about your mental state, don’t you think you need some exercise for your mental well being.  Well there are few things you can do and which we are going to explain point wise.

Tips for Healthy Mind

1) Start your day with yoga or pranayam with some breathing exercise which you make your mind fresh and relaxing. You can spend some 30 minutes on it every day.

2) Almonds, try to have it early morning. These nuts are high source of dietary fat and contains calcium, manganese, copper and protein. It also helps in improving your memory. Best way to have it is soak it in water overnight and have it early morning.

Tips for Healthy Mind

3) Positive:- Surround yourself with positive friends, family and people. Having positive people around you will make you feel good healthy mindset and give the best you can. Feel good and laugh with your loved one, spend some quality time with them. While watching TV or reading see to it that you are reading positive article, shows which are inspirational. Your brain reads them and makes your mind positive. Negative or depressing article make mind upset.

4) You should avoid bad habits like criticizing anybody. You cannot change anyone else bad habits except yourself. Hence start working on yourself first. When you try to criticize others all positivity drains out along with your energy which will affect your mind. It is a self destructible habit which one needs to change.

Tips for Healthy Mind

5) I can: – Always be positive minded. Focus on saying I can instead of saying I cannot. Say positive thing about yourself.  Everyday say to you “I am healthy”, “I can do it”. Do this mental exercise every day and night. Things will change.

6) Failure and Success: – When failure hits you don’t get depressed and become sad. Instead work on that area and start preparing yourself. Address that area and bounce back with bang. See opportunity as success. Though it might be hard to control your emotion because of failure but hint every failure teaches us something.

Tips for Healthy Mind

7) Junk food/Sugar: – Try to avoid sugar and junk food from your diet. As sugar spike up your blood pressure which not only make your energy level down and also store lot of fats.

8) Hobby:-You need to have a hobby as they make you busy and bring joy too. Doing a same thing every day will make your mind static and used to it. Hence try to learn new things or try to solve a puzzle which will stimulate or challenge your brain. Try to learn new games or language.

Tips for healthy mind

I hope the above things have already made positive impact on your mind. If not then don’t worry things won’t change overnight but will take time. Hence keep focused and be positive. And gradually things would change. Do keep us posted.

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