Liver is one of the important organs in our body. The weight of our liver is approx 3 pounds. It also takes support from other parts of our body likely pancreas and gallbladder.


Liver controls most chemical levels in our blood and excretes a product called bile. With this process our waste are carried away. It is an essential organ which has much function in our body. All the blood which leaves our stomach passes through our liver. Liver is a central point for removing all toxins.  Hence you should see to it that you keep it healthy as it will increase your life period slow down ageing and keep you free from many diseases.

So let’s see the tips for Healthy Liver

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits: – Fruits like grapes, orange, lemons are good for our liver as they contain anti oxidants which cleans our liver naturally. They boost our biological molecules which clean our body from other toxins.


Turmeric: – Turmeric also a best spice which you can add in your food. Just add 1 spoon to while preparing vegetables, curry. Turmeric also boosts our liver detoxification by creating biological molecules that remove pollutant present in our body.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetable: – Intake lots of fresh green vegetables in raw form or cooks it as vegetable or prepares your juice. Since they contain lots of chlorophyll which are powerful mechanism for our liver.


Fish: – You can consume fish which are rich in omega-3 fatty acid as well as protein both of which promote good liver health. Omega-3 is known for increasing liver function.

Cooking Oil

Oil: – Cooking Oil’s are good for liver as they are rich in antioxidant and phenols that help liver recover from damage. You can use seed oils and fish oil. Also alternatively you can use olive oil, sunflower oil, cod liver oil for better liver health.

No to Alcohol

Alcohol Consumption: – You must have heard it many times from almost everyone regarding the alcohol consumption and liver. As all know too much of anything is bad for us. If you are sipping small amount of wine, beer & alcohol our liver can handle the same. But in one time if you drink too much then your liver cells will take time to process the same. It will destroy the liver and start depositing fats deposit in our liver.


Weight: – Also take care of your weight. As increasing your weight will put pressure on your liver as many people have habit of overeating toxic diet because of their lifestyle. As increase in weight they become intolerant to insulin and developing type 2 diabetic. If too much fats are present in our body they over burdened our liver and our liver cells can be damaged. Hence focus on your diet try to limit your carbohydrate consumption. Do regular exercise or walk, swim or do cycling.


Medicine: – Sometimes we take over the counter drug for fast relief. But this medicine contains heavy metals and toxins which can damage our liver. They might affect regular functioning of our liver which can cause live inflammation and failure of liver.

No to Smoking

Smoking: – Studies have suggested that smoking can have bad effect on our liver. And they can develop liver cancer. Smoking is same like medicine effect which we have on our liver.

Ever wondered why your weight doesn’t come down in spite of you doing various things. Deficiency in liver might be reason for that. Think about that.

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