Having a good healthy body is a test as well as art. It can be challenging as we find our self enclosed between social people, role models or celebrities whom we follow and who has perfect looks, six packs, clear skin, silky skin or body to die for.

To have those perfect body will take lots of days/nights but most important things you need is patience, can do-attitude and positive frame of mind to see yourself in very healthy way. Staying healthy is altogether different ball game. Hence try to follow the below things and make it an habit for perfect healthy body.


Most of us overeat from time to time. Sometimes we are just hungry or have skipped breakfast or some time we carry it too far. Overeating will make you sulky and lazy and also will make your tummy come out. Overeating will cause your stomach to increase in your size than your average stomach size as it will try to adjust all the food which you have eaten. Hence try to follow the below points:-

1) Plan your food:- try to have food in small serving so your stomach will be full whole day instead of having all food at once. As once hunger strikes we don’t think of planning or balanced diet. Hence planning is important.

2) Sleep + Eating:- Don’t have food while lying down or in bedroom, as if the food is  in reach of your hand, you won’t be leaving your sofa or bedroom to get the food. And this will make you lazy.

3) Practice eating slow:- Make an habit to eat slow as this will help your digestion and with less food your stomach will be full for longer time.

Exercise & Exercise:

There is no way around for this activity. To stay fit and lean you have to exercise. Though at start it will be very tough but dedication and patience will show the results soon as due to exercise the extra fats will burn, stamina will increase and you will feel lively and energetic whole day.

Proper diet:

After exercise the second thing you need to consider is proper diet as this will help you maintain your weight, disease and boost your self esteem.


Though it may seem simple but I has lots of added advantages. Make walking part of your life. But not just walking but walk in hurry also known as brisk walk. Wear comfortable clothes as per you size as to adjust the weather and temperature around you.


There are some people who don’t like to exercise as it cause sweating and smelling so for those kind of people swimming is the best alternative. Swimming increases stamina and it is an full work out of whole body. So enroll yourself to your nearby swimming pool and stay in great shape.


Last but not least confidence is must for carry healthy body. Respect your body whatever is your body like. Love your body doesn’t go after someone or try to copy someone. Just follow the above said simple points and you will see your body transforming.

Best Wishes!!!


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