First Rule:- While having food weather it is in afternoon or evening you should always chew your food. Chew your food properly, don’t eat food at fast pace. Chew your food at least 25 to 30 times before swallowing it. After having food don’t drink water immediately or while you are there in hotel/restaurant don’t drink cold water/drink immediately after eating food. But if you are feeling an urge to drink or feeling thirsty, drink water after 45 minutes to 1 hour. Also preferable is to drink hot water.

As per Ayurveda there is an Digestive Fire in our belly which tries to digest food like paste. So food will be properly digested in one hour. Then you can drink water and there will be no problem of indigestion and gas.

Second Rule:-Drink water sip by sip. Don’t try to finish off the water in hurry. The reason behind this is saliva in our mouth mixes with water which is very good for our stomach and acid which is present in our stomach. Too much acid in our stomach is also bad as it causes acidity . Never drink cold water as they solidify the fats from our food which we have just consumed and that make it tough for our body to break the fats.

Third Rule:- Exercise, they more we are into physical activity the more fit we will be. Physical activity is most important for all type of weighted person. As they make us increase stamina, burn calories, get rid of extra fats and thereby helps us in boosting our morale. We don’t have to be sports person / athlete. Remember at least make an habit to do exercise 4 days a week. Do the below point every day or alternative days:-

  1. Do stretching workouts every morning
  2. Climb the stairs after you reach work or home
  3. After lunch make an habit to walk for 10-5 mins

Fourth Rule:-Include fruits & salads in your plate. See to it that you have fruits everyday as they have enough fiber, vitamins & minerals. You can have a juice early morning and salad with your meal or slices or apples or watermelon.

Fifth Rule:-Cut down salt & sugar in your diet. As too much of sugar or salt is always injurious to our body as they may increase our blood pressure and cardio vascular disease. few tricks noted down for your reference:-

  1. While shopping we can purchase products which are low in Sodium.
  2. Prepare your own food as this will help you in checking the sodium content.
  3. Add spices to your meal. Instead of salt you can add pepper, cumin, ginger or garlic.
  4. Avoid Sugary desserts, instead have fruits or dark chocolate as they are high in cocoa content and low in sugar.
  5. Reduce the serving size. Or take smaller plates while having foods.

As both sugar and salt are important in our life. if taken in smaller portion and if balanced properly then it wont matter on our health.


Mr. Trivedi · July 14, 2020 at 5:35 am

Good article for digestion of food

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