In today’s world where everyone almost suffers from acidity you can blame the same due change in lifestyle, stress and poor eating habits. It can be characterized as sour taste. Though acidity tends to changes from person to person.

So what causes acidity, in our stomach there is a gastric glands which creates an acid called as hydrochloric acid which is required to break down the food. Hence when we eat our food the stomach starts creating an acid to digest this food or starts processing this food.  Since the stomach is full with food and acid, the excess acid tries to move upward which is called as acid reflux wherein you will feel burning or pain around lower chest area. That acid which has been generated in access causes burning sensation and pain in stomach. Acid reflux can wear down the enamel of your teeth and lead to cavities. There might be burning sensation in your throat. It can also cause indigestion, bad breadth and many more. Follow the below tips for acidity.

1) Make a habit to eat on time. Never try to miss meals (Read More).

2) While eating keep your mind calm and have healthy food

3) When you like the food we tend to overeat. Avoid it and know your limits.

4) Completely avoid sour, spicy and deep fried foods

5) Stop taking tea, coffee, carbonated drinks

6) Exercise and do some physical activity

7) Medicines such as non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs that many people take often can also cause acidity

8) Keep away from stress by practicing yoga or meditation

9) After having food don’t go to sleep immediately. Sleep after 1-2 hours

10) One requires 7-8 hours of sleep everyday hence see to it that you complete your daily sleep quota

11) Stop eating Citrus food early morning

12) Try to quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption

Though it is easy to pop pill and get instant result. but there are very good home remedies which can take care of your acidity. Click here if you want to read home remedy for Acidity.


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