Dark under-arm can cause much embarrassment to everyone who is suffering from it.  It can effect male as well as female too. Though not a serious situation but it can cause such embarrassing situation when one need to wear sleeveless, tank/spaghetti top or swimming gear. Person affected from dark underarm would wait for winter season so as to hide the dark spots.

Dark Underarm

The colour of the skin becomes darker than compared to other parts of body making it more visible than others. There can be many causes of dark underarm some can be genetics or underlying disease or it can be caused by external factors.

Studies have shown that there is no serious concern if it’s in lighter colour. Then by using some simple home remedy you can remove these but if the colour get darker or velvet type then you should visit dermatologist. As already said if it is lighter in colour then you will be able to recover from it very quickly. Some external factor which should be considered as causes.

External factor with their causes


a)Sweating is an natural way of our body to clean itself but too much can damage the cells particularly of an underarm. Underarm skins are quite sensitive and due to excessive sweating it can cause rashes and pigmentation. If left untreated there can be causes of ringworms too. Choose lighter clothes for wearing. Try to avoid going out in afternoon as sun direct rays are at its peak also due to humidity we can sweat more.


b)Medication is also another underlying factor which can cause dark underarm. Birth control pills, insulin, growth hormones may cause dark underarm. But if dark underarm is caused by these pills then it can be treated but if there is some underlying medical problem then that needs to be addressed first.


c)Shaving is one of the most common to women. They are easy and can be done quickly. But excessive shaving can also cause dark underarm as this is can be the cause of skin discolouration. Hence before shavings apply some moisturizing cream as this can help in skin irritation. Also after shaving take lukewarm water and wash the area.


d)Deodorant can irritate your skin and can lead to rashes. Try to change your deodorant or stop using it altogether. The chemicals which are present in deodorant are also one of the leading causes of dark skin. People who apply the deodorant and perfume directly on the skin to get rid of body odor can get their armpits area darker. So you can opt for natural deodorants. Some people use antiperspirants to prevent our skin from sweating but try to avoid that as it has aluminum compound which can cause dangerous damage to our skin.

Wearing a tight clothes

e)Wearing a tight clothes can also causes friction which can damage the cells around armpits and causes discoloration. The fabric of your clothes and skin can cause friction hence avoid it.

exfoliating dead cell

f)Dead cells normally accumulate around the underarm and can cause dark underarm. When more the dead cells accumulate the more pigmentation takes place and more darker the skin looks. So the best treatment is exfoliating or scrubbing.

Follow the below simple home remedy and flaunt your under arm happily in party or upcoming function. No need to sacrifice your freedom and be cautious all the time, you need to follow the below simple hacks.

Easy home remedy underarm tips which every woman should know

lemon and baking soda

Tip 1:-Take one ripe Lemon and extract juice from it in a bowel. Mix with it 1 tablespoon of Baking soda. Once the paste is formed apply and scrub the same over your underarm. Let it stay for full 5-10 minutes. Wash it off with mild warm water and then apply moisturizer on your skin. You can do these tips twice or thrice a week. Or one can simply rub cut lemon in slice and rub it on the dark arm pits.

Rose Water

Tip 2:-Take 4-5 spoon of Rosewater and mix it with 1 table spoon of Baking powder. Mix it and apply the same over the under arm. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes. Baking soda acts as exfoliate which removes all the dirt in the pores and lightens the underarm. Rose water shows moisturizing and calming properties.

Aloe Vera

Tips3:-Aloe Vera has anti bacterial properties and known for natural sunscreen. When applied it can be very soothing and also helps in lightening the skin. Cut open the leaves of an Aloe Vera plant or you can take Aloe Vera gel and massage the area for full 15-20 minutes. You can do this daily or 4-5 days a week.


Tips4:-Take slice of Cucumber and rub it generously on your dark armpits for 4-5 minutes. Let the juice remain in that area for another 10-15 minutes. Later you can wash it off with mild warm water. Since Cucumber has natural bleaching properties and they are filled with vitamins and minerals it is an excellent remedy for reducing dark underarm.

Fuller’s Earth

Tips5:-Fuller’s Earth which is also known as Multani Mitti an natural clay which absorbs impurities in the skin and unclogs the skin too. Though age old remedy but still used today in modern era as its effect can be seen. Take 2 tablespoon of Fuller’s earth powder in an vessel you can add 1 table spoon of lemon juice and add little water and make an thin paste. Apply it on your underarm and let it stay for 15-20 minutes. And then with lukewarm water you can wash it off. This clay will exfoliate and lighten the area very quickly. Try this method 2 or 3 times a week.


Tips6:-Potato is another natural bleach agent which can help greatly in skin pigmentation.  Extract a juice from potato and apply the same on your under arm. Let it stay for full 10 minutes then wash it off with Luke warm water. Due to its bleaching agent it will help in removing darkness of your underarm.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Tips7:-Made up of fermented apple juice, Apple Cider Vinegar is another remedy which can be tried as it is rich in amino acid. Apply few drops of ACV on cotton pad and apply it on the arm pits. And leave it to dry off. Once it has dried clean it off with warm water. You can do it daily for better results. Since it has mild bleaching properties it will help in lightening your skin.

Gram flour_Turmeric_yogurt_lemonjuice

Tips 8:-Take an vessel and mix 1 tablespoon Curd (yogurt), 1 table spoon lemon juice, ¼ tablespoon of turmeric, and add to it little besan (Gram flour). Mix it well and apply it to your underarm. Let it stay for 30-45 minutes. And then wash it off with warm water. Do this 3-4 times a week. You can see the magic with your own eyes.

Precaution to be taken

Though home remedies are useful in removing the dark skin. But you also need to take few precautions as you don’t want to the dark circle come up again and again.

1)Avoid garlic, onion, spicy food & oily foods.

2)Try to wax instead of shaving

3)Always wear loose fitting clothes and wear cotton clothes during summer time

4)Avoid over eating and maintain strict eating habit

5)Daily exfoliate your skin

6)Avoid using excessive deodorant instead go for alternative like talcum powder

7)Wear cotton clothes especially during summer season.

Also see to it that you drink at least 8 -10 glass of water every day. Use clean and washed clothes only.

Follow the above tips and get rid of dark underarm. Though some dark underarm is inherit but most of the cases they are due to external factor. Use the above home remedies and follow the precaution and you will see your skin lightening automatically.

Light Underarm

After reading the above article and trying the above home remedy you can start wearing your favorite clothes (sleeveless attires) without thinking of people’s point of view. Love your body and see to it that you take care of your body.

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