As we grow older our body becomes weak as well as our digestive system becomes weak. Ageing not only affect our internal organs but also our appearance like wrinkles, skin will sag. There are no methods to stop ageing but you can eat the below things to make you look fresh and healthy. When it comes to keeping yourself young as you age then you need to have these below things in your plate to achieve your goal.

You can also try to make your own Home made paste and apply it to stay younger and slow down aging. And to top it all all the ingredients are available at home.

Things you didn’t knew that can make you stay younger and slow down ageing

1 |Watermelon

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Watermelon has great amount of water which can quench your thirst even if you had 3-4 slice of this fruit. It can make your skin look young and fresh by supplying the water to cells. Watermelon also contains anti oxidant such as lycopene and Vitamin A, C which helps in reducing free radicals that can slow down the ageing.

2 | Oranges

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Oranges is loaded with Vitamin C which helps in keeping body young. This fruit is one of the most famous foods found around the world. It is sweet, tangy and juicy which make them delicious and healthy morning snacks. One can also have it in juice form. Orange contains collagen which makes your skin elastic. It also boosts our immune system.

3 | Lemon

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Lemon contain anti oxidant which helps in removing free radicals and particularly it is helpful in removing wrinkles and will keep your skin smooth. Drinking lemon water or its juice will help in skin lightning and also boost hair growth. It rejuvenates skin and helps them look younger.

4 | Pineapple

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Another fruit to add in your kitty is Pineapple which is rich in nutrient and will keep your skin hydrated. They help in preventing wrinkles and lines from appearing. Pineapple are full of anti oxidant that prevent the cell damage, it also helps in boosting our immune system, bone strength, digestion. Hence you will find many beauty products include pineapple for skin care.

5 | Turmeric

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This spice is long known for their medicinal value. It is used in food for taste too. Its strong anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant helps our body in great way. Applying turmeric paste on face will help us in improving skin appearance and removes wrinkles. This spice is used from burns, cuts and to control the ageing process you name it and turmeric does it all.

6 | Ghee


Ghee is a clarified butter which is available widely across India and other Asia countries. It is commonly used in cuisine of Indian subcontinent. Ghee is considered as one of the best natural anti ageing solutions. Ghee works wonders in this department. Just massage ghee gently on your face and keep ageing at bay.

7 | Broccoli

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Broccoli is an edible green plant which belongs to cabbage family. One may like it or not but after reading this you might start loving it. It is loaded with anti oxidant, vitamin A, K, C and fiber. It helps in delaying the ageing process. Eating broccoli everyday will help you to keep wrinkles, acne and skin pigmentation.

8| Avocado

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Avocado is a delicious fruit to eat and is very rich in inflammation fighting fatty acids that encourage smoother skin. Avocado combines with your body to fight ageing. You can also use Avocado seeds which help in hair growth and skin too. Avocado is another great fruit which is filled with healthy fats which helps in skin elasticity and moisture barrier.

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Our guess is that you might already knew these foods but now you know these foods can make your youth stay longer then why not give it a try. What do you want to say about that.

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