Do you know what digestive systems are and which are the best ways to strengthen the digestive systems? One should know some basic facts by which one can improve their digestive system. Many around us suffer from digestive disorder at one time or another but rarely one speaks about it or seeks advice. The body uses our foods consumed by us for proper metabolism and regularity of our digestive system.

Internal Systems

What is the digestive system?

Digestive systems means parts of our body which work together to turn our food and liquid into energy & fuel which are required by our body. The organs which make up the digestive system are mouth, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, rectum and anus. Then there are other body parts which help them in processing the foods they are liver, appendix, bladder & pancreas. The primary functions of the digestive system are absorption & digestion.  Our body while digesting breaks down the food into small molecules which are then absorbed by our body. The digestive system helps in absorbing the nutrient and removing all the waste.

Digestive Systems

Why Digestive systems important?

When we eat our favorite foods they are not in the same form when it reaches inside our body. Once food enters our system the work to process the food starts. Once food enters through the mouth and reaches the stomach the acid, enzyme and bacteria start breaking the food and send it throughout the body. The process goes on even after a few hours of our lunch. This process is called digestion which breaks down the food into small molecules so that it can be absorbed in our blood stream and accepted by cells all over our body. Without digestion the nutrient will not reach our body and this will impact our body.

Tips to improve Digestive Systems

Disorders of improper digestive

As per Ayurveda it is very important to strengthen the digestive fire. If the digestive system is weak then you will definitely face the below problems which are mentioned below.









7 Tips to improve our digestive system

Digestive Systems

When you are suffering from any of the above disorders then you will think about popping some pills to find some relief. But the good news is just by tweaking a few changes in your lifestyle you can make your digestive system work in a proper way or healthy way which will result in absorbing the nutrient and effortlessly getting rid of the unwanted waste from our body.

Chew your food

1) Chewing our foods

One must chew their foods at least 15-20 times before gulping it down. When you chew the foods into small pieces it becomes easier for our digestive system to process these foods which will benefit our health. Also it is observed that one tends to eat less when you chew the food slowly thus also helping those people who are obese.

Drink lots of water

2) Drink lots of water

When you are drinking water you are balancing the fluids in your body.  The water which is consumed is used by our cells, tissue, generation of saliva and other functions. We mainly lose the fluids by way of sweating & digestion. See to it that you have at least 3-4 liter of water per day to keep all our body systems activated. The kidney which also helps in removing the waste through urination and having ample quantity of water will help in healthy stool and will evade constipation. So don’t wait till you are thirsty and have at least a few glasses of water every hour.

Yoga & Exercise

3) Include Yoga & Exercise

Yoga makes one internally and externally strong. It helps in boosting your health physically as well as spiritually. Regular exercise will help you improve self esteem, sleeping pattern and your mood. Yoga & Exercise will help you strengthen your digestive system and will help them in increasing their metabolism and digestion process. Yoga & Exercise will help in strong agni or fire which is required by your body for good digestion.


4) Stress

Our brain is well connected with our digestive system hence if you are loaded with stress then chances are that it will affect your digestive system. Stress will increase acid in your stomach and will also cause inflammation in your gastrointestinal system. Further it causes more damages like bloating, cramping, diarrhea.  Hence try to do pranayama or meditation or try to do things which will make your mind calm and which you will enjoy by the bottom of your heart. Try to take up some hobbies maybe gardening, walking, jogging, walking in the garden or visiting spiritually places.


5) Fibers in our food

Try to have food which is easily digestible and which will help our digestive system to process it. Have foods which are high in fibers like oatmeal, beans, leafy vegetables or nuts. When you are having such food you are helping your own digestive system to take in nutrients in a very effective manner. Also when one has fiber food it will make your bowel movement softer, easier and try the most to avoid fatty foods which are hard to digest though you can eat in moderation.

Mindful eating

6) Mindful eating

This is one of the most important parts which everyone must follow in their life. You should be mindful of what you are eating, how much you are eating. As when you eat too much it puts pressure on your stomach to process the same. The size of the stomach grows as to accommodate the large quantity of food eaten. The digestive system will have to now work overtime to process those foods which will result in bloating and too much gas. When having your food it needs your complete attention hence don’t involve yourself in other activities such as eating when lying down or watching television or mobile. Mindful eating means to create awareness in yourself as what food or drinks you are putting in your body.

Avoid late night meals

7) Avoid late night meals

There is an old saying which one should follow: “Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper”. When we sleep at night the body tries to heal itself and recover from stress which we had throughout the day. Digestive slows down at night and starts working at a very slow pace. Since our digestive system job is to process the food and when we have late night meals the digestive system might still work when we are getting ready for sleep. If we eat and sleep immediately then other organs like heart, lungs, kidney might be resting and working with less pressure and our digestive system will be still working under heavy pressure from the dinner which we just had. Try to have meals before 2-3 hours before bed and while you sleep try to sleep on your left side as this will help in better digestion.

Tips to make your digestive systems healthy

Just remember your body is like an engine and food which you eat is like coal. If you put unnecessary things which are not acceptable to your body it will not run at its top level. To have a better immune system your digestive system should be working at the best. If not then you are definitely inviting all kinds of viruses and bad bacteria which can break your health. Comment your thoughts.

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