Each passing week will make you think when the lock down will get over as each one of us are patiently waiting to hear the news that it is over. Since everyone is in lock down last 3 months and governments are struggling to open up the lock down as it is effecting them economically.  Also we are getting bored sitting at home all day long. It is acceptable to think in this way as it is in our nature to meet people, roam around and socialize. But first and the obvious reason is that we cut down the risk of not getting infected by corona virus by staying indoors.

So let’s take some time and think about few benefits that this lock down is offering:-

Positive thinking – benefits which needs to be considered during lock down
Work from Home

Work from home: – Because of current lock down more and more company have opted for this way of working from home for which they were not readily agreeing earlier. This is a win-win situation for both employee and company. As for employee it reduces their travel time, saves them from tiredness and for company it saves the overhead cost like electricity bill, maintenance cost, transport cost. Maybe in future organization won’t need the space for which they are paying high rent. People have started adapting to non standard working hours wherein they can accommodate their family and any other personal commitments.

Positive thinking of lockdown
Use of Technology

Technology change: – In this lock down almost all of them have accepted the change in technology and we accepted this change without making any fuss about it. In fact we are using the technology to its maximum potential. This can be considered as an opportunity for all. Productive time which has been saved can be used to utilize for adding value for clients, bringing efficiency in projects.

Positive thinking – benefits which needs to be considered during lock down
Spend time with Family

Time for our self: -There is now plenty of time for our self which was very scarce when we used to go to office. As most of the time we used to leave early to office and stay back to complete the work. But now we can spend the time with our family members, do our choice of work, learn new things and learn new hobbies. With these benefits there is increased productivity in our roles as people are now more comfortable and motivated.

Positive thinking – benefits which needs to be considered during lock down
Good Sleep

Sufficient sleep: – Due to hectic schedule many were not able to find any time and they used to tax the same on sleep by reducing or adjusting the sleep schedule. Even during evening time since we are at home we can sleep early and rise early. Now the tension of commuting a long distance for work or getting kids ready for school and checking their homework’s is gone. We can even sleep to maximum but by sleeping at least 8 hours per day which will boost our health too.

Positive thinking – benefits which needs to be considered during lock down
Good Food

Food: – Food was always a concern as we had to work outside whole day and by which we used to definitely chunk on unhealthy junk food to satisfy our hunger. But now since this lock down we are at home full day hence eating from outside is out of question. Having a home cooked food will make us healthy as we tend to use fresh vegetables, ingredient and less oil.

Positive thinking – benefits which needs to be considered during lock down

Workouts: – All the gyms are closed hence we can try to do exercise at home for better health. And since we are at home whole day we tend to overeat which will make us fat and lazy.  Hence to avoid that many people are encouraged to start workout at home. You can try for yoga, meditation or zumba session by learning the same from online contents. Try to the same with all your family members which would fun.

Since time is limited for all of us, being positive is very important thing hence looking at that perspective the above points were written. Any comments from your end?

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