Foxnuts are also known as Makhana, Lotus Seeds or Gorgon nut. It is a flowering plant classified in the water lily family. It grows on water and generates bright purple flowers. They are part of Lotus flowers. Yes, the same flower which is known for its beauty. It holds a great value in India and phool makhana are great significance in religious ceremonies. They are popular in fasting especially during Navratri.


The nutritional value of foxnuts is immense. It is loaded with the entire nutrient which is needed in our body. They are widely used during fasting period. Makhana are ideal snacks for everyone from people who are trying to reduce weight or a diabetic, as they are low in fats and very high in protein. But many people don’t know the benefits and nutritional of Makhana. They are widely used in India and very popular in Indian cuisine. These seeds can be consumed raw or you can add some spices while cooking it for better taste. In India they are easily available in retail or grocery stores and they need to be stored in air tight container for longer duration. With the high dosage of power pack proteins they are truly called ‘Superfood’.

Nutritional value of Makhana

Nutritional value of Makhana

Makhana has been used since centuries and it has been used as medicine too in some countries. Per 100 gram of ‘Makhana’ contains 360 calories, 64% carbohydrates, 2% fat, and 15% protein. The remaining percentage includes minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. They have very good source of calcium & fiber and low in saturated fat and sodium. Hence see to it that you have at least a bowl of Makhanas. In Japan and China they use this seed’s paste in pastries and deserts too. So let’s move ahead and read benefits of Makhana.

11 best health benefits of Makhana (Lotus seed/Fox nuts)


1) Lotus seeds have low amount of glycaemic index hence it release low amount of glucose in our blood when compared to other foods like bread, rice. So you will find yourself energetic throughout the day. They help in managing our blood sugar levels. Makhana makes it beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetic and obesity.

2)Lotus seeds helps in keeping ageing at bay. They have natural anti ageing agents which helps in slowing down the ageing process. They contains high amount of anti oxidants and regular consumption of fox nuts helps us from greying of hair, hair loss and wrinkles.

3)Lotus seeds are loaded with high content of proteins. Hence they are always used during fasting as your stomach will be full for longer part of the day. Doctor even recommends having these seeds because of its nutritional properties. Since most of our time during evening we tend to eat unhealthy snacks so why not eat this protein packed snacks which is without any side effect.

4)Since Lotus seeds have high content of calcium they are very good for people suffering from Arthritis and other joint related problem. Regular eating of foxnuts will help you maintain the daily dosage of calcium which should be present in your body.

5)Lotus seeds are good for those suffering from high blood pressure. As even after having these snacks there will no spike in blood pressure as lotus seeds have low amount of sodium and are rich in potassium. Foxnuts are also good for people suffering from hyper tension because of the combination of low sodium and high in potassium.

6)Lotus seeds have natural anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties which are excellent for reducing inflammation in the body. Most disease is caused by inflammation like diabetes, arthritis and rheumatism and the agent which are present in foxnuts helps in fighting inflammation and harmful radicals.

7)Lotus seeds are good for our kidney and liver and helps in boosting our metabolism. They help in flushing out toxins from our body. Spleen is a busy organ and it is helpful for removing the dead blood cells and filtering our blood. It removes old and damaged red blood cells. Foxnuts acts as a cleansing agent by helping the spleen.

8)Lotus seeds helps in fertility issue which many don’t talk in open. They help in men by increasing the sperm quantity and quality by increasing the stickiness. They enhance the sex life of men and in women it helps in increasing the fertility.


9)Lotus seeds are best for people who follow vegetarian diet. As they helps in increasing the muscle mass as they contain a good level of protein. A cup of lotus seeds would ideally contain 4 grams of protein which is beneficial in building muscle and cell growth.

10)If you are suffering from constipation then Lotus seeds are must for you. It has good amount of fiber and helps in good bowel movement. One must have this super food as regular consumption of these seeds will keep indigestion and constipation at bay.

11)Lotus seeds have the ability to regulate and handle the condition of insomnia and irritability. Hence instead of having sleeping pills you can consume a handful of these tasty seeds as these are natural and without any side effect.

Some drawback of Makhana

Some drawback of Makhana (Fox Seeds)

Anything excess in eating is not good and same logic applies to Foxnuts too. There are few side effects too which needs to be considered before consuming these seeds.

-excessive consumption can cause bloating

-if already you are on medicine then you need to consult the doctors as they can block the absorption of medicine to your body or can make negative reaction of medicine to your body

-Can cause allergic reaction to few people hence if you feel experience allergic reaction then stop consuming it

-Pregnant women or lactating women should consult doctors before consuming these seeds

-One should stay away from these seeds if you are suffering from cold or diarrhea.

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