Migraine is very common nowadays. And most of them make a mistake of thinking it as normal headache. Normal headache are not severe and all of them face it in their day to day life but migraine is not an simple headache but it is an recurring pain which occurs to one side of the head  although 1/3 of the migraine attack happen in both side. Migraine is a strong headache which is often comes with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity of light. It can last for 4 hours to 72 hours. Migraine temporarily affects our electrical impulses in our brain by causing visual aura.

Migraine – Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

The risk factor increases for the below causes:-

Gender: – Studies have showed that migraine is most common in women than to men

Family History: – if one of the parents is suffering from migraine in family then chances are that it might get passed on to the child.

Hormonal changes: -During menopause many would find women facing these migraine symptoms.

Age: – Migrate attack starts between age 10 to age 40. In many cases mostly in women’s it has been seen that Migraine goes away or get better after the age of 50.

Medical reasons: – long time depression, anxiety, sleep disorder can also raise your odds

Causes of Migraine

Doctors aren’t aware how Migraine get triggered but they are certain that due it is due to imbalance in certain brain chemical which can play an important role to trigger it

-stress at home or work can be factor as brain releases chemical which can cause blood vessel changes

-increasing senses like loud noise, bright lights, weather change and strong smell can start migraine

-medicine, certain medicine can widen your blood vessels which can trigger it

-certain food like processed foods, salty and aged cheese can also act like trigger

-caffeine, which if taken in high amount can also act as triggers

-physical strain like too much workout, heavy exercise or sex can cause migraine

-skipping meals can also be a reason as your blood sugar can drop which can trigger a headache


Symptoms of Migraine

Migraine is series of changing symptoms. And symptoms differ from individuals to individuals as each person is different. Migraine has been divided into four phase known as pordrome, aura, migraine headache and postdrome.


Even before headache starts most of the people are affected from migraine they face these below situations:-

-severe thirst

-mood swing


-sensitivity to light

-food cravings


Auras are those symptoms which affect the nervous systems and are related to visions. Most of the auras are mostly visuals, hearing and other sensations. They generally last from 5-10 minutes to 1 hour.

Visuals auras can be like flashing lights, difficulty in focusing, tunnel vision, and glittering lights. Hearing auras can be hearing voices, distortion voices, buzzing sound. Other auras can be anxiety, numbness, confusion or difficulty in concentrating.

Migraine headache

These symptoms can start with mild headache and can grow from mild to hammering pain. Most of the migraine are one sided. They move side of your head to front of your head. Most while suffering from migraine attack also feel nausea, vomiting along with headache. Person can appear pale. It can last for 4 hours but the sever can go for days.


These symptoms are last stages and can last up to days after headache. This is like a ‘hangover’ effect. This effect is based on person to person. The symptoms include feeling tired, craving for food or weakness.

Prevention tips of migraine

Daily routine: – Make a habit of following a daily routine for meals and sleeping patterns. Eat on regular schedule

Exercise: – Regular exercise can help you lose your weight and maintain a healthy weight as obesity is also considering the migraine factor. If you are already affected by migraine then consult a doctor before starting any exercises. You can do it at your own pace and don’t try to intense and sudden exercise

Drink lots of fluids

Have plenty of rest

Manage stress by doing meditation, yoga like, breathing exercises.

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Migrane – Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

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