Many among us while creating web site use WordPress which is a simple, easy to use. Adding pages, post doesn’t require much of training. Even a layman without any technical knowledge can do it with much ease. Then there are plug-in which will help you make your web site look good. And of course you can customize CSS too if you have knowledge of programming.

I am an owner of website wherein I have inserted many images and few video for my various blogs. Though I used to get other errors but it used to get easily resolved with help of other forums. But once when I was trying to upload an image this particular error popped up “the response is not a valid JSON response”. I tried to upload the image again and again but was getting the same error. Frustrated I thought there must be some problem in image itself. I tried to put another image as a replacement but still I faced the same error. I tried to search the web and searched the Forums but it seems nobody had the answer to it.

JSON Error
JSON Error

Then I tried the below way to resolve this issue and surprisingly it worked. I personally don’t know how. So here are the steps which I did. It’s pretty simple.

Steps to remove not a valid JSON error

1)Click on the media gallery

Media Gallery

2)Now to the top left you can click on the tab “Upload Files” and click on “Select files”

Select files

3)Select the files and you will see the image will start getting uploaded.

Don’t know if this is related to bug, patch, update or something in wordpress. But this method you can all try if you are getting this kind of error while uploading the image file. This method has been working for me since then. So now I don’t worry of the error “the response is not a valid JSON response”.