Back pain is different from backache (Read More). Back pain is caused due to doing something or changing lifestyle. Below is some home remedy to get quick relief

Back pain nowadays are common problem. It is happening due change in lifestyle or for office goers sitting in same place for long time.  Though we can get relief from back pain by having good diet, good sleep and body stretching. Sometimes oil massage can provide relief too. You can also turn to yoga for relaxation in back pain. Below are the few remedies you should try.

Hot rubber Water Bag

Heat is generally recommended during pain hence you can use heat pad on back for 15-20 minutes. The heat makes blood vessels to open up which helps in recovering fast. You can also use hot water treatment where you can use towel and dip it in bucket filled with hot water (should be manageable) and apply on the part which is causing the pain. Or maybe you can tell someone at home to do it so you can relax and get ready for relief.


Staying Positive

Staying positive as mental well being is also very important factor as negative thought will slow down your recovery. Negative thoughts should be completely avoided. Feeling mentally good is equally important.


Hot Drink

Consuming hot drink made up of milk and turmeric will help relief from back pain. Make it an habit to have a glass of hot milk with turmeric every night. If you have habit of having green tea you can have it with ginger. This will also help in relieving back pain.



Exercise is one of the most important factors for reliving back pain. It removes stiffness and provides energy to body. One must not do any exercise in fast pace and should always take help from trained professional. The main reason is you should be active as the muscles becomes weak if you don’t do exercise. Not moving your body might make your body stiff and painful. You can try rotational stretch, Knee-To-Chest Stretches, Cat Stretches but do these very slowly at beginning till you become confident. Also you can add Surya Namaskar which helps in strengthening the spine and increase blood circulation in body.



Posture:- When you are in office or doing any activity which involves lots of sitting then make it and habit to get up and change your posture. Also try to sit straight while sitting in chair as many slouch and by making this habit back pain starts. Even at night don’t try to sleep in same position for long time. If time does not permit then you can do chair exercises too.


If the pain still persist then you can opt for physiotherapist for his opinion.

Last but not least try to get adequate sleep as that is a secret for good health (Read More). Try to sleep early every day instead of sleeping late as sleeping early has lots of benefits. Getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep reduces stress and it produces hormones in body which helps in soothe body pain.

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