Did you know there were secret games hidden in your Browser? Yes you heard it right. Don’t expect them to be high end games with high graphics but it is a simple game which means to pass your time. You can take a small break from your office work and try to play these small games which are included in your browsers.

Hidden browser games

 Many might not know it but you can impress your family members or office colleagues with your technical skills. So let’s get started.

How to access the hidden games in our web browsers:-

1) Microsoft Edge:-Let’s Surf

Microsoft Edge Surf

Open Microsoft Edge. Now type in address bar the below code:-


you can see the below screen

Lets Surf

For this game which is more like “Skifree” which was created by “Chris Pirih” in October 1991 and was released with Microsoft Entertainment pack 3 for Windows and DOS. This game had no ending, You need to escape the Snow giant by travelling another 2000 m from the point which the monster gives chase, creating a loop and starting over from the beginning. One way to dodge the monster is to go directly left or right in fast mode. He is right behind you and by pressing “F” can make you move faster than the monster.

This game is somewhat similar and you need to play the same with your keyboard with help of arrow keys.

In this game, once you move forward the Octopus will follow and will try to kill you. Also if you collect green lightning bolts you need to press “F” on your keyboard and give yourself a boost in your speed.

Collect Lightning

Then there are three modes in which you can play just hover to the top right and you will find the menu wherein you can select any mode which is suitable to you.

Lets Surf

*if the game is not opening then try to update your Edge browser by clicking on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner -> Help & feedback -> About Microsoft Edge. Once updated then try again.

2) Google Chrome:-Dino

This game will show when you have lost your internet connection and Chrome can’t load your desired page. Chrome will throw an error as below:- ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED.

Dino Game

When you see this error you need to just press the spacebar and the dino will start running. There will be a cactus plant and the dino needs to jump. For jumping you need to press the spacebar again. If Dino hit the plant the game is over. This is an endless game where the dino will run as long as you want to avoid cacti.

Dino Game

Alternatively in address bar of Chrome you can write the below code and start playing this endless games:-



3) Mozilla Firefox: Pong

While accessing the game in Firefox the steps are little lengthy. Open the Firefox browser and right click on the menu. Then click on customize.

Firefox Game

A new pop up window will appear along with menu and overflow menu.

Firefox Menu

Now select the entire icon one by one and drop it in “Overflow Menu” except for “Flexible space”. On the bottom you will be able to see the unicorn icon beside other buttons. Click on it and start playing the bouncing unicorn game.

Firefox Pong

Check the below icon wherein unicorn will be seen. Click on it.

Unicorn Game

Hope you have already started enjoying these simple games whether you are in offline mode or if you want to pass your time. You can ask your friends if they know about this and pass on this information to them too so they can enjoy it too. Do comment.