Everyone knows the importance of fruits and the great nutritional value which they are loaded with. Except few there would be a majority of them who would like to have fruits on any given time of the day. All the fruits have some or the other necessary vitamins which are needed by our body and what best are provided by our mother nature. So instead of going for alternatives we can try those fruits which are available in that particular season.

Best time to have fruits

So now everyone knows their benefits but is there any particular timing when we should eat the fruits. Some say we should have it on this time then it will be beneficial. Some say it should be consumed during the daytime some say it should be consumed at night time. Fruits contain fructose which is like a sugar or fruit sugar or natural glucose which when consumed in large quantities can be harmful but fruits which are known to have fructose in small quantities hence are not a concern to us. When we have fruits the glucose enters our bloodstream through digestion. If our stomach is full then it will not get digested properly we will feel bloated.

Have fruits at right time

So how can we eat fruits in the right way? Let’s find out

When fruits should be eaten to get maximum benefits from them

Morning is best time to eat fruits

Tip 1:: All fruits can be consumed in the morning and can be included in the breakfast too. Fruits get digested fast in our body hence you should always consume the fruits early morning on an empty stomach for best results. Never eat fruits after your lunch as the digestive system is still processing on the meals which you have just eaten. Fruits will stay longer in our stomach and might rot or ferment which may also be bad for those who are working on staying slim.  Also after our sleep our body needs some booster to get the energy level back and since the fruits are easily digestible the nutrient will get broken down quickly.

Fruits to eat

Tip 2:: Don’t cut the fruit and eat it later. One might think this is a healthiest option to cut the fruit and have it in their lunch bag for the latter part of the day. Once cut the fruits should be eaten within 15-20 minutes. Instead try to take whole fruits (i.e. apples, banana or oranges) in the office and eat them later. Once cut they are exposed to oxygen, heat and light and that may result in losing their water content faster or degrading contents like vitamins B or C. Though there are few fruits which can be cut & kept in an airtight container for consumption later. They are pineapple, mangoes, papaya, watermelon, muskmelon which can be stored. But they also would require a fridge to keep it fresh.

Eating fruits on time

Tip 3:: Always try to have seasonal fruits which are grown in the particular season. When you have seasonal fruits the taste will be better, fruits will be much sweeter. When they are plucked off from the plants or vine they will have higher nutrients & flavor’s which our body will enjoy the most. When you are having fruit which are off-season then think of the various stages the fruits might have gone through. It might be loaded with pesticide, wax coatings, preservatives or ripening agents to make it look healthy. The longer it stays this way faster the more it will lose its nutrients.

When you eat a seasoned fruit it helps our local farmer to grow more thereby supporting them. Also one of the important points is when its fruit season they are available in abundance and also at lower price which will fit our pocket too.

Best time to eat fruits

Tip 4:: Though many people like fruit salad which has all fruits in it. But you should be aware that certain fruits should not be combined with others. This can impact your health and your digestion. Mixing fruits can not only make you unhealthy but can put you in danger too. Acidic, sweet or neutral are three categories which you need to think about while mixing fruits or vegetables. Never mix acidic, sub acid with sweet fruit, never have fruits with vegetables, starchy with high protein. Examples are like oranges with carrots, orange or pineapple with milk, Guava with banana, Papaya with lemon. If you want to have fruit, have it single on an empty stomach.

Avoid fruits after meal

Tips 5:: Best time to have fruits is in the morning as this will fuel your digestive system. Fiber enzymes which are present in fruits help in triggering the juice in our stomach and helps in getting rid of waste from the previous day. Fruit fiber will help you to clean your colon which will leave you feeling light and refreshed the whole day.

Fruits to eat

Tips 6:: To get the best benefits out of fruits one must have whole fruit instead of fruit juice. As when we have full fruit the dietary fiber in the pulp sticks with natural sugar as it travels in our body. Because of this our body will take time to absorb the sugar directly from the fruit. Juices are not recommended for diabetic as they cause an instant increase in blood sugar levels. While preparing juice in a blender the heat which is generated can at times take away the nutrients in fruits. Sometimes cooking fruit and then trying to make juice is not beneficial as when heated they rob away the entire nutrient which is present in it. Fiber is known to improve our gut health when we make a juice out of fruit it is without any fiber. Also fruit will make you fuller for a longer period.

Love your fruits

Hope you have understood when to have the fruit at the right time to gain maximum benefits from them. So hurry up and grab some fruits.

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