Coughing is a natural reflex action of our body to clear your throat from mucus and irritation such as dust much same as yawning or sneezing.

Coughing – possible causes, types and prevention which you should know

Causes of coughing

Cough can be caused by various factors such as common culprits like bacterial and viral infection like cold and flu, allergies, heartburn, pet dander and runny nose. There is nothing grave about it but if it goes beyond few weeks then you need to consult and doctor as it can go from normal stage to chronic stage. Some cough can go after 2-3 week without any medication. It can be irritating as cough won’t allow you to sleep peacefully at night as in night time it becomes worse. It happens due to more congestion as we lying down. Hence at night see to it that when we sleep at night we should raise our head up so there won’t be any congestion and you can sleep peacefully.

Dry Cough

Types of cough

Cough can be categorized by mainly two type of cough ‘Wet cough’ and ‘Dry Cough’.

In Dry cough there are no phlegm or mucus. Dry cough are caused by tickling sensation around the throat and are very irritating in nature. Dry cough can be caused by infection or allergies like pollen, dust or smoke which produce no mucus. You need to soothe it by in taking lots of fluids. If it more of allergy see to it that you stay away from it. And get yourself treated by doctor or GP.

Wet cough produces phlegm or mucus. It can be chesty or loose. The chesty cough is heavy feeling of cough. So when the cough reflex happens it will try to loosen the cough and try to spit it out from chest. It can be alternate too like sometime it will expel cough some time it will be just like dry cough. This excessive mucus in lungs doesn’t come out easily and you will have difficulty in removing it out. The medical term of wet cough is productive cough. A wet cough results in excessive cough present in your upper respiratory tract. You can use humidifier, honey hot shower or can do netti pot to get cured from Wet cough. Normally wet cough stay for 3-4 weeks and in chronic case it can stay longer for 7 weeks.

Coughing – possible causes, types and prevention which you should know

Preventive measures which you need to adhere

-You can opt for home remedy ( which can be natural solutions without any side effect).

-If cough is from any allergies then check the trigger part. Try to stay away from it or you can remove the allergen away from your house.

-Build your immune system because strong immune system can help you in long way from cold, cough and flu.

-Take rest at home and don’t spread it to family, friends or colleagues.

-Maintain good hygiene like washing hands, legs when you are sitting close to the effected person. This will help you from getting effected.

If cough stay for more than 3-4 weeks or has become chronic then you should go and have it checked by doctors.

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