Slow Laptop

Top 6 reasons why your laptop or desktop is running slow and try fixing it yourself

After using laptop and desktop for quite some time you might experience that your laptop or desktop is working very slowly. To save any file, to open any files, file transferring it will take 5-6 minutes more than it used to take usually. Sometime it might hang up the whole system until you reboot. The reasons can be many it might be that your computer might have been infected with malware, less RAM, old operating systems. Also you need to check if there is any program which starts when your laptop starts which is also known as start-up programs. Let’s check the reasons of your laptop/desktop running slow and how you would fix it.

Anchor Tag

Want to go to top of the page directly from the bottom. Here’s how you do it.

After we have finished reading any page we have to scroll way up and up to go to the top. To go to the top either we have to use mouse or we can use anchor tag (Much easier way!!!). Scrolling mouse will be slow and hard to do every time hence we can create an anchor tag which will be effective method. So how to create an anchor tags which will lead us to top of a web page. Well it’s easy. You just need to put some code in HTML and voila it’s done.