How to reduce Electric Bill

Wondering how to reduce your electric bill up to 50%. Follow the guidelines and go for solar

Electric bill is soaring high nowadays and everybody needs a solution for this monthly expense which is burning their pocket and which is affecting every class whether they are rich, poor or middle class. This is a global issue which needs some alternative or solutions. Nowadays most of the things are done online or people have started using digital way. Also most of the people use computers, Television, Wi-Fi, charging units and also use AC, fridge or geyser. These things add up in our bills in form of units used. The units are calculated on the consumption of all these and monthly bill are calculated. Each service provider provides a chart of how they charge each customer. The same can be found behind bill or in their respective web site.

NEP 2020

What is NEP 2020- Detailed analysis & New Education Policy 2020 Highlights?

On Wednesday (i.e. 29th July 2020) Union Cabinet has approved the new National Education policy (NEP) and renamed the HRD ministry as Education Ministry. Union Minister Prakash Javedekar and Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank made this announcement that there will be single regulatory for all higher education institution and Mphil would be discontinued. The new NEP aims to refurbish the all aspect of Indian education structure.


(July-2020) Country with no Corona Virus and Country you can visit as they have not reported a single case of Corona Virus

The novel Corona which is also called COVID-19 has been called pandemic which has effected each and every country of the world. It has spread across more than 175 countries. Started from Wuhan it has spread very quickly across the all other country. Most of the country economy has been hit and the most effected is tourism part. As almost all the country has been under lock down for more than 2+ months. But now since most of the country have started opening in phases. Below are the few country or islands where the Corona has not been able to thrive.

Lost Aadhaar card!!! Don’t worry get Aadhaar card by following the 4 steps

Aadhar card is a 12 digit random number issued by UIDAI (“Authority”) to resident of India after satisfying all the necessary verification. Aadhar card is one of the most important documents which are used today. It is used as KYC document, identification or verification purpose. Banks and financial institution consider Aadhar cards as valid address and photo ID during the opening of bank accounts. It is mandatory by various official organizations like PAN card or while filing Income tax return.

Positive thinking - benefits which needs to be considered during lock down

Positive thinking – benefits which needs to be considered during lock down

Each passing week will make you think when the lock down will get over as each one of us are patiently waiting to hear the news that it is over. Since everyone is in lock down last 3 months and governments are struggling to open up the lock down as it is effecting them economically. Also we are getting bored sitting at home all day long. It is acceptable to think in this way as it is in our nature to meet people, roam around and socialize. But first and the obvious reason is that we cut down the risk of not getting infected by corona virus by staying indoors.