Best time to have food

Did you know the right time to have fruits to get their maximum benefits?

Everyone knows the importance of fruits and the great nutritional value which they are loaded with. Except few there would be a majority of them who would like to have fruits on any given time of the day. All the fruits have some or the other necessary vitamins which are needed by our body and what best are provided by our mother nature. So instead of going for alternatives we can try any fruits which are available in that season.

Cowpeas benefits

11 best health benefits of Cowpeas or Lobiya (Black-eyed Peas) along with their nutrition

Cowpeas are available in a variety of colours (red, black, brown, off white) and are in oval shape with black like eyes on them hence they are also called black eye peas. In India ‘cowpeas’ are called by various names across India some call them ‘Chawli’ in Hindi and ‘Alasande or Bagde’ in Kannada. Due to its great nutritional value they are used extensively in our daily diet. Since cowpeas is more related to plants we called it beans. They are delicious and are usually used in curry and gravy items which are eaten along with roti and rice.


Makhanas: 11 exciting benefits which you should know along with their nutritional value & drawbacks

Makhana has been used since centuries and it has been used as medicine too in some countries. Per 100 gram of ‘Makhana’ contains 360 calories, 64% carbohydrates, 2% fat, and 15% protein. The remaining percentage includes minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. They have very good source of calcium & fiber and low in saturated fat and sodium. Hence see to it that you have at least a bowl of Makhanas. In Japan and China they use this seed’s paste in pastries and deserts too. So let’s move ahead and read benefits of Makhana.

5 astonishing and surprising benefits of Dragon fruit

5 astonishing and surprising benefits of Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is also an super food which is filled with lots of nutrients. Dragon fruit is also called as Pitaya or strawberry pear which can be either sweet or sour depending on their spices. You can find Pitaya fruit with green scales, a pink peel and a white inside covered with black seeds. Pitaya is a fruit that is grown on cactus species that is local in America

Top 5 benefits of Apple cider vinegar which will surprise you

Top 5 benefits of Apple cider vinegar which will surprise you

Apple cider vinegar is that vinegar which is made up of apples (guess all know that). To be precise it is made up of fermented apple juice. Apples are cut in small pieces and covered with water and leave them in room temperature. This will make the sugar which is present in apple to ferment and turns it to alcohol. This apple cider vinegar is fermented twice once to make alcohol and second time to make vinegar (acetic acid).

Top 6 health benefits of Chickoo or Sapota which you should not miss

Top 6 health benefits of Chickoo or Sapota which you should not miss

Chickoo or Sapota is one of those fruit which is nutritious and has high amount of calories in it. It has 83 calories per 100 grams. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber and the pulp of this fruit has excellent laxative. It is very sweet and has delicious flavor. It will provide excellent source of energy as it is loaded with fructose and sucrose which is natural boosting energy food. It is loaded with Vitams A, C, folate, iron potassium and copper.

Banana with milk: A good or bad idea

Banana with milk: A good idea or bad idea?

Banana and milk is popular companion (Jodi) since ages. Be it banana shake or milk with banana. Earlier this combination was given to diabetic patients. Banana are excellent source of sugar hence you would see sports person would often eat banana between in breaks. The biggest factor is they are excellent nutrient with low calories.