Banana and milk is popular companion (Jodi) since ages. Be it banana shake or milk with banana. Earlier this combination was given to diabetic patients. Banana are excellent source of sugar hence you would see sports person would often eat banana between in breaks. The biggest factor is they are excellent nutrient with low calories.


Bananas are rich in nutrient. Banana contains fiber which makes our digestive system strong and helps in clearing our stomach. Banana increases your weight but also reduces your fat. This is because banana contains healthy fat. But why will you get fat is the question. Since already mentioned banana is an excellent source of sugar and milk is liquid sugar with protein and fat in it. Hence when you have it both there will be excess sugar in your body and liver will convert excess sugar in your blood stream to fat and will store it. They are easily observed in our bloodstream hence you will find instant energy. This sugar is poisonous and body will try to remove the same by making insulin. Once energy level falls after some period of time then you will feel tired or lazy. And if you try to have it again and again then your body will become insulin resistant and that is known as type 2 diabetics.

Sports Banana

Since this combination is popular among sports people many health expert suggest this combination as it helps in muscle development and are great source of potassium, calcium and other nutrient. Though they are cooling energy and sweet taste but after digestion their effect are different.

According to studies this combination is not good for health as this combination takes toll on your digestive system. As per Ayurveda every food has distinct nature which affects our digestive system. Actually eating banana and milk together will increase phlegm or mucus in body which will increase discomfort in asthma patient. Since digestive system has become weak toxins are produced and problems like sinus, congestion, cold and allergies arise. This effects the proper functioning of the entire organ in our body.

Banana with milk: A good idea or bad idea?
Banana milkshake

If you want to have Milk and banana then have milk first then after 25-30 minutes eat banana. If you have both then it will make your body heavy and this will affect your brain capacity. Best thing would be to avoid milk and banana together after age 40 when metabolism slows down, unless you are very active or sports person. Though occasional banana milkshake won’t do any harm but don’t make it a habit to have it every day.

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