Kapalbhati is one of the important and effective pranayam today. It is a breathing technique which involves fast breathing by using belly muscles and then breathing in and out at quick pace. It is a Sanskrit word wherein “Kapal” means ‘forehead’ and “Bhati” means ‘shining’. It also known to generates heat in the body.

Regular practice of this pranayam nourishes the brain, clear mind. Its benefits are long lasting. It helps in making your lungs strong and thereby protects you from allergy and other illness. When you do kapalbhati regularly it increases oxygen and liveliness level in our body. But most important is you should practice it as per your capacity and comfort.

Below are the steps of how to do Kapalbhati:-

1)First sit in ‘Padmasana’ (cross legged) comfortably. See to it that you keep your spine straight.

2)Do regular breathing but with long inhalation and exhalation before starting this pranayama.

3)Now forcefully exhale but within your comfort level and as you exhale inhalation process will happen automatically. You would feel abdominal muscle contracting. Concentrate on your center of your forehead. Start with small say 10 counts a beginning and then gradually increase the pace. Take a break.

4)At beginning you can do 25-30 stroke per minute and once you get used to it then increase the frequency by doing 60 stroke per minute.

5)You can do this for 10 minutes and then gradually increase it for 30 to 60 minutes.

6)Once you can complete the breathing pranayam then you can exhale slowly and breathe normally.


So let’s see 6 Benefits of Kapalbhati

1)When you continue this pranayam your blood circulation improves thereby opening the blockage for circulation. It helps in smooth flow of energy level. Organs start fighting the toxins and start getting rid of the bad toxins which helps in better functioning. There is a boost in digestive system and increase our metabolism.

2)This pranayam is effective in weight loss program. It has been well documented that this pranayam has reduced weight for many people across the globe. If continuously done with correct practice it will tone your abdominal part and you can witness the same in your physical appearance. It helps in getting in shape by stretching your upper body. It is one of the favorite pranayam to lose weight naturally. This pranayam should be done on empty stomach. Best time would be to do this early morning or after 3-4 hours after having lunch.    

3)It helps in promoting healthy Organs. It helps in cleaning the lungs from outside pollution, prevent kidney stone and clean all parts of our body by nurturing them with adequate amount of oxygen which all our body parts requires. There are numbers of vital organs like spleen, pancreas, kidney which hardly get any exercise. By doing this pranayam these organs get direct simulation and are re-energized. This pranayam also helps women by regularizing menstrual cycle and prevents menstrual cramps.

4) By regularly doing Kapalbhati pranayam your mind will be filled with good thoughts. You will feel very light. Negative thoughts will never appear in your mind as it helps in improving concentration and helps in staying away from unwanted thoughts. It helps in stabilizing the mind.

5)Constipation refers to bowel movement that are not so frequent and which are hard to pass. Any due to changes in lifestyle many are having this disease. So start practicing kapalbhati pranayam before it reaches chronic stage. Kapalbhati pranayam is very beneficial for those suffering from constipation. Doing at least 10-15 minutes of pranayam can put pressure on stomach which will clear your constipation. Also make a habit of drinking a glass of warm water in morning when you get up.

6)Kapalbhati can help in diabetes by lowering blood sugar by stimulating your pancreas which would help in creating sufficient insulin and also reduce stress which is a significant barrier to effective blood sugar control. It makes the mind calm thus balancing the interaction with pituitary gland and pancreas.

Hope you have understood the benefits of Kapalbhati and try to incorporate it in your day to day life. Since it creates more heat don’t try to overdo it as some people do when they are excited. As all know too much of anything is always bad. Kapalbhati can increase your blood pressure. If you get light headed while doing this pranayam then try to do ‘Sheetali pranayam’ which will calm you down.

Do let us know your thought on this.

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