Dragon fruit is also an super food which is filled with lots of nutrients. Dragon fruit is also called as Pitaya or strawberry pear which can be either sweet or sour depending on their spices. You can find Pitaya fruit with green scales, a pink peel and a white inside covered with black seeds. Pitaya is a fruit that is grown on cactus species that is local in America. It grows in a dry climate and its stem provides all the moisture for it to grow. It is a unique fruit which blooms from evening to midnight. It has a beautiful look and can be found in many colors like red, white and magenta. They taste sweet when it has ripened. Dragon fruit and Pitaya are same though dragon fruit is the new name of this fruit which is widely used nowadays.

Dragon Fruit

The nutrient present in dragon fruit is awesome. In one dragon fruit there are more than 20 important nutrients which are needed to our body. For example it has 87 grams of water per 100 gram, 1.1 gram of protein, fats 0.4 gram, Carbohydrates 11 gram, Fiber 3 gram, Vitamin B1(Thiamine) 0.04 gram, Vitamin B2(Riboflavin) 0.05 mg, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 0.16 mg, 20.5 mg of Vitamin C, 8.5 mg of Calcium, 0.16mg of Iron.

5 astonishing and surprising benefits of Dragon fruit

  1)Diabetic: Since this fruit is high in Fiber it helps in stabilizing a person’s blood sugar level. It also helps in reducing the sugar spikes that occur while eating high glycemic index foods. It kills the bad cells. Also the sugar content in this fruit is very low so it is very safe for diabetic people.

2)Immunity booster:- The important part of this fruit is that it enhances human immune system. Vitamin C which is present in this fruit in very high level can give your body a boost in immune system. Also other various nutrient present in the fruit like Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Iron & Calcium also helps in boosting the immune system

3)Anti Ageing:- Since this fruit is filled with lots of Anti Oxidants which helps in slowing down the ageing process. It stops the free radicals by fighting it off. Anti oxidants are essential to keep our skin tight and firm. There are many supplements available in market for anti ageing but instead of taking this artificial product you can have this natural product made by God.

4)Digestion:- Since this fruit is packed with high quality of Fiber content. This will help in improving the bowel movement by helping the passage through digestive tract. Consumption of this exotic fruit can help in constipation. Eating dragon fruit has a prebiotic effect on the body as it helps in enhancing the digestion and nourishes the gut bacteria. Fiber which are present in the body part but you will be surprised ti know that most of the Fiber are also present in skin and seeds which we usually throw away. So why throw away such nutritious thing better eat the whole fruit.

5)Arthritis:-Arthritis is caused by weak bones and inflammation caused to the joints. Since Dragon fruit has inflammatory properties it helps in fighting of the inflammation and helps the person to deal with the pain. By regularly consuming it will helps in keeping the teeth and bones healthy. Besides helping bones calcium is also needed for proper muscle functioning and nerve transmission. Iron is needed to carry oxygen throughout the body and Dragon fruit has very good source of Iron.

Dragon fruit

The list can go on and on. Hence next time if you go for shopping do remember to pick this highly beneficial fruit from the shelf. This exotic fruit can be eaten directly or added in smoothies or can be added in fruit salad.

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