Wish to see natural rapid growth in your Child’s height then perform these exercises and eat food right

Wish to see natural rapid growth in your Child’s height then perform these exercises and eat food right

Every parent’s (Mother or Father) desire their children to appear tall and few parents are desperate to make their kids tall. Height increases up to a particular age and then you can observe that it comes to halt. Hence many parents are concerned about their children’s height. You’ll find several factors that play a primary role in overall growth of a child. Given that kid’s body demands proper nourishment you need to provide them with proper nutrition and guide them with proper exercises in order to boost their metabolism. Still tensed then no worries, read through this till end and you will learn how to make your kid taller.


Top 10 benefits of Mandukasana with meaning, their steps, their types and precaution

Mandukasana is derived from Sanskrit word which means a pose of a frog. When we reach the last stage of this pose we resemble the pose of a frog. But why Mandukasana name is given to this position. It is because when this word is joined by 2 words “Maduk” means frog and asana means yoga position. This asana should be practiced on everyday basis if you want to make your internal organ strong. This asana can be done by people of all ages but one should teach this asana to kids at early age as this will be very much beneficial to them. There is another frog like asana which is also called as Bhekasana.


Makhanas: 11 exciting benefits which you should know along with their nutritional value & drawbacks

Makhana has been used since centuries and it has been used as medicine too in some countries. Per 100 gram of ‘Makhana’ contains 360 calories, 64% carbohydrates, 2% fat, and 15% protein. The remaining percentage includes minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. They have very good source of calcium & fiber and low in saturated fat and sodium. Hence see to it that you have at least a bowl of Makhanas. In Japan and China they use this seed’s paste in pastries and deserts too. So let’s move ahead and read benefits of Makhana.