Slow Laptop

Top 6 reasons why your laptop or desktop is running slow and try fixing it yourself

After using laptop and desktop for quite some time you might experience that your laptop or desktop is working very slowly. To save any file, to open any files, file transferring it will take 5-6 minutes more than it used to take usually. Sometime it might hang up the whole system until you reboot. The reasons can be many it might be that your computer might have been infected with malware, less RAM, old operating systems. Also you need to check if there is any program which starts when your laptop starts which is also known as start-up programs. Let’s check the reasons of your laptop/desktop running slow and how you would fix it.

Anchor Tag

Want to go to top of the page directly from the bottom. Here’s how you do it.

After we have finished reading any page we have to scroll way up and up to go to the top. To go to the top either we have to use mouse or we can use anchor tag (Much easier way!!!). Scrolling mouse will be slow and hard to do every time hence we can create an anchor tag which will be effective method. So how to create an anchor tags which will lead us to top of a web page. Well it’s easy. You just need to put some code in HTML and voila it’s done.

Understanding dark circle, their causes and 11 natural ways to eliminate dark circles

Understanding dark circle, their causes and 11 natural ways to eliminate dark circles

Dark circle makes one look old and we start losing our beauty. Dark circle are one of the biggest beauty problem on women’s/men’s face. We start looking tired and deprived from our beauty. Dark circle under the eyes appear as we age or some people think it appears as we don’t get adequate sleep. One might think that watching your favorite show in Netflix late night might has caused this as you didn’t sleep. But this is not the only causes there can be many. For some this might be inherited.

How to reduce Electric Bill

Wondering how to reduce your electric bill up to 50%. Follow the guidelines and go for solar

Electric bill is soaring high nowadays and everybody needs a solution for this monthly expense which is burning their pocket and which is affecting every class whether they are rich, poor or middle class. This is a global issue which needs some alternative or solutions. Nowadays most of the things are done online or people have started using digital way. Also most of the people use computers, Television, Wi-Fi, charging units and also use AC, fridge or geyser. These things add up in our bills in form of units used. The units are calculated on the consumption of all these and monthly bill are calculated. Each service provider provides a chart of how they charge each customer. The same can be found behind bill or in their respective web site.

Tips for good sleep, benefits, pattern & consequences

Tips for good sleep, benefits, pattern & consequences

Sleep is very important to each one of us. And there are many reasons for it. When we sleep our body goes in passive mode where it recovers and restores the energy and rebuild as well strengthen our memory. Our body get time to rest. When you have excellent sleep, it will heal damaged cells, fights off illness and fatigue by strengthening our immune system and recharges you for the next day. You will feel noticeably changes next day like you will be refreshed whole day and will be active in your activities. Creativity will be higher as you would be able to think more clearly

Staying younger

Things you didn’t knew that can make you stay younger and slow down ageing

As we grow older our body becomes weak as well as our digestive system becomes weak. Ageing not only affect our internal organs but also our appearance like wrinkles, skin will sag. There are no methods to stop ageing but you can eat the below things to make you look fresh and healthy. When it comes to keeping yourself young as you age then you need to have these below things in your plate to achieve your goal.

Home remedy to stay younger and slow down aging

Home remedy to stay younger and slow down ageing

Staying young is everybody’s dream but do you think it is possible. We can follow certain home remedies to slow down ageing and stay young. One thing is sure that we cannot change the natural aging process. As we age the wrinkles start appearing and once a pretty face will start losing its youthfulness. The skin starts to droop and fall loose. We can try some preventive measure to slow down ageing. Try this natural and sensible approach for younger looking skin and age gracefully instead of going for costly cosmetic. Below are the home made remedies you can try at home.

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6 natural homemade remedy for lustrous hair

Everyone dream of having a silky and lustrous hair. This beliefs is not only limited only to girls but boys too. But due to travel, weather, and stress it has effect on our hair. And top of it we try to use expensive products which give our desired result but only for limited period. You don’t need to go to expensive parlous or invest heavily on products. You can make this happen with some simple home remedy and with simple ingredient which are available in our own house. And going natural is an excellent remedy for having a smooth, silky, dandruff free and gorgeous hair. Let’s read the next points for great home remedy so you can show to the world your beautiful shining hair and astonish the world.

Young Boy

Worried of ageing do these things to stay younger and slow down ageing

Everyone wants to be in great shape and good figure throughout their life. No one wants to have a wrinkle or disease affecting them during their life. Though we are not immortal and our life is limited. We are going to age sooner or later but we can do some tricks to slow down the ageing. Did you find this interesting? Then read the below points and try to add these in your daily life to stay young and energetic throughout your life.

9 Home Remedies to Keep Your Nails Shiny and Beautiful

9 Home Remedies to Keep Your Nails Shiny and Beautiful

Everyone needs a shiny and beautiful nails but not all are so lucky enough. As we must have heard the saying “Beauty comes from within”. Hence feed yourself a healthy diet which includes whole eggs, gelatin. These two are the main reason which will make your nails and hair healthy. Also you can take help of supplements. Over the period of time your nails and hair will start showing healthy signs and will start showing shiny. There will be less breakage as well. The top of our nails is just like out top layer of our skin. The nails of our finger and toes are exposed to various elements like chemicals which are present in nail polish, friction in shoes.