Bhastrika is one of the important pranayam. It enhances our energy levels. It purifies our blood and get rid of toxins from our body. Sanskrit word for Bhastrika means breathing like bellows. As many might know bellow means the instrument which is used to deliver additional air to fuel and raising the rate of combustion and thereby increasing the heat. Hence this pranayam is called yoga breath of fire as this increase heat in our body by doing this yogic breathing which involves fast breathing and exhaling.

Steps to do Bhastrika Pranayam

Sit in a lotus pose or Padmasana (link) and relax yourself.  Close your eyes. Try to take deep breath from both nostrils and not by your mouth. Try to fill your lungs with its top capacity. Inhaling should take start from 3-4 seconds to 10-20 seconds so as to completely fill up our lungs. Then try to exhale the air from both nostrils and not by your mouth. Try to take same time to exhale as you did while inhaling. When you inhale all positive energy will enter your body and while exhaling all negativity will go out of your body. If you new to this you might get tired in beginning hence try to take break in between for 5-10 seconds.

When to do Bhastrika Pranayam

Best time to do this pranayam is early morning as it will make you energized you whole day. Bhastrika pranayam should not be done in night or when your stomach is full.

Health Benefits of doing Bhastrika pranayam everyday

1)Increases the gastric fire which helps in improving appetite

2)Activate all the organs

3)It has great spiritual benefits too

4)Balance the three important component in our body that is Pitta, Vata and Kapha

5)It  increases oxygen in our blood

 6)It helps in improving the blood circulation and energy level

7)It helps in digestion

8)It helps us in calming our mind

9)It helps in boosting our immunity

10)It strengths our lungs

11)It helps in increasing our memory

12)Since there is increase in our blood circulation it helps in our eyesight and hearing

13)It helps people from lung disorders

14)It helps in reducing the phlegm in out throat

15)Last but not least it also gives us sense of relief, peace and tranquility.

Things to take care while doing Bhastrika Pranayam

It should not be done while stomach is full you can do the same after 2 hours. This pranayam should not be practiced by people who are pregnant, high fever and who have high blood pressure.  People suffering from hernia should also avoid this pranayam.

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