Onion is a familiar item which is found in everyone’s house. Onions are widely used in our kitchen and they will find their place prominently in our cooking. This simple vegetable is the main ingredient across global cuisine. 

Onion Benefits

Onions are grown across the world where it is consumed. They are known as bulb onion. Onions are mostly found in yellow, red and white colours. It is a biennial plant and grows to a height of 15 to 45 cm. They can be eaten raw or cooked too in either case. It is very beneficial. Onions have a strong pungent smell. Onions were eaten by Greeks, Romans used to eat it every day.

Healthy Onion

Though not everyone’s favourite vegetable but one you come to know their health and amazing medicinal properties you will definitely start loving it. Onions have been there since ancient times and are used to treat ailments like headache, mouth sores. Many people consider having white onions for medicine purposes too.

Healthy Onion

Nutrient value of an Onion

Onions are loaded with antioxidants and fiber. They are full of sulphur and are a rich source of Vitamin B & C, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. They are low in calories, per 100 gram contains 44 gram of calories. They are low in sodium and contain almost no fats in it.

Why do we cry when we cut an onion?

Cutting Onions

Almost all of them who have cut onions can swear on their watery eyes while cutting or peeling them. So the scientific reason says that when we cut the onion it releases a gas called Propanethiol S-oxide. When it enters our eyes, our eyes become itchy. You cannot rub your eyes as your hand is full of onion juice hence rubbing is an out of question. Normally our body will make our eyes close as an immediate reaction but that is a bad idea.

Some people have certain ideas for this also

Onions benefits

Below are few techniques to cut onion without crying

Try to freeze them before cutting

Dip them in cold water

Wearing goggles

Keeping bread in our mouth

Microwave the onions

Keep your mouth open and let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth

Start chewing gums when you are cutting onions

Though I haven’t tried these methods but if you want you can give it a try and comment if any of these worked on you.


Onion benefits for our health

So lets see the benefits which Onions offers to us:-

Side ArrowFor whatever reason if a person falls unconscious and faints then at that time one can hold the onion paste near his nose, he will immediately regains consciousness.

red onion benefits

Side ArrowOnion is known to lower the level of bad cholesterol. Various studies which have been conducted show that when we eat raw onion daily it will help us in raising the good HDL cholesterol. 

Side ArrowOnion is known for being a strength enhancer. Every morning one can cut a small onion and roast it and then have it. This will increase our strength. In addition to it, it cleans out bowels and increases appetite.


Side ArrowOnions which are loaded with nutrients which include vitamin C, B6 and sulphur compound which helps in enhancing the skin health and its beauty. It is also useful to remove dark skin and acne. To remove dark skin spots you can mix onion juice and an equal amount of apple cider vinegar and apply the same twice a day.

Side ArrowOnion is easily digestible. Onions stimulate the contraction and proliferation of the intestines and push food forward for further processing.

Side ArrowIf you are suffering from indigestion, then mix onion juice with ginger juice and have it, your indigestion problem will disappear soon.

Healthy Onions

Side ArrowThe antioxidants which are present in onion juice helps in fighting off the radicals which damage the skin cells, fights off the wrinkles and helps in slowing down ageing.

Side ArrowCough in the chest can easily be reduced by eating onion or taking onion extract. It helps in soothing the congestion which is held in our chest. Quercetin which is present in onions helps in getting rid of mucus and further building of mucus.

Side ArrowOnions are known to help us in preventing inflammation and allergies. There is one flavonoid called quercetin which is known to slow down inflammation causing rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Healthy Onion

Side ArrowOnions are used for sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction in some countries. Since onion contains allicin which helps in increased blood flow. Increased blood flow means better sexual performance. Even onion juice with honey is known for increasing fertility in men.

Side ArrowOnions can also help if one is stung by bees or bugs. One can cut onion and keep the slice on your stung place. It will help in your painful and swelling experience.

Side ArrowOnions are known to help in promoting hair growth. One has to apply onion juice on the scalp which will help in increasing blood supply to the hair follicles. This will help in enhancing hair growth. After applying one has to massage the scalp and let it be for 15 minutes then you can wash the same with warm water and shampoo.

onion benefits for health

How much onion should one have per day?

One can have 1 medium size onion per day. Though there is no hard or fast number which can be given. It can be consumed in day or night. It also depends upon your ability to digest them. Maybe for some small or medium size will do for some big size onions is best.

Tasty Onions

Side effect of eating too much onions

Though for some it can affect their health but for some who eat too much onion will definitely have a bad effect on their health. The problems can be intestinal gas, abdominal bloating, heartburns (especially eating raw one), apart from that too much potassium is anyway not good for health it may lead to hypotension such as fatigue, dizziness, blurry vision, depression etc.

Onion extracts are good for our skin but it depends on person to person. When applied to skin it can have side effects like irritation. See to it that you have fresh onion to eat though one can store onion for a long time. But they can still get spoilt.

Half cut Onions

What happens when one eats half cut onion?

Once onions are cut and stored in some place they are exposed to contamination. They might get oxidized further which can lead to host of health problems. Hence, only when you require it then cut and try to utilize it fully. You can take medium size or small onion as per requirement.

Cut onions attract bacteria around their surroundings wherever you store them. It might be harmful for our health too. So do use these precious ingredients for their good feature rather than using it later and having stomach infections.

After you have read this article, I hope you have changed your mindset towards onions. Though they will make you cry for a short while but they will definitely help you in the long run and make you smile while cutting it!

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